Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello Angie and Wednesday Stuff

Welcome aboard, Angie, from Australia.  I am so excited to have you here, and if I can help you in any way with your sewing projects, please just ask in the comment section.

It is almost 3:30 in the afternoon here in Southern Oklahoma where I live at the moment -- when I'm not in Central Oklahoma at our other house -- but where I have to go again in just one week.  I am very thankful that we have two homes, but I sure am not a fan of running back and forth between them constantly.  Just as I think I will get to be in one town for at least two weeks, we have to turn around and go back to the other one.

So WHY is that a big deal, you ask?  The big deal is I have to haul half my sewing room and all of my jewelry-making supplies, and perishable groceries back and forth.  Jerry gets mad at me every time it is time to load the car, and he always says the same thing:

Do you HAVE to take ALL OF THAT, Joy!?

Then I get mad, and I say, "If I can't take my stuff, I'm NOT going!"

OR, I will say, "I'll just put all this stuff in my own car and drive up there by myself!"

Sometimes, I'll say, "You love those CATS more than you love me!  You would never think of leaving them behind, and they take up half the back seat!"

He ALWAYS says one of two things to all of the above:

1.  Nothing.

2.  "How much room is it going to take?"

Then I always say, "The same amount it took the last 5,000 times you asked!"

Then we put it all in the truck, and we leave -- FINALLY! 

Now, I'm telling myself that after Christmas, this will stop, and I will be able to stay in my sewing room for weeks and weeks and weeks -- but, NO! -- I just remembered that Phylly and I are going to Tulsa in February for a 4-day sewing retreat overseen by Louise Cutting. 

Oh, well.  Since America will probably be OVER the fiscal cliff by then, I will be thankful that I can afford the gas for my car to get me to Tulsa -- or Phylly's car, because it is nicer, and it holds more fabric! 

I hear Louise Cutting is a lot of fun, and her classes are in great demand.  I'll sure let you know my thoughts on that after I take one. 

The class is being held at a wonderful fancy-fabric store in Tulsa called The Cloth Merchants.  They really need to hold those classes in a remote farm house somewhere where there is NOTHING to buy except the class. 

I'm doing Christmas cards today.  So far, I can only think of 13 people I know that would even care if I sent them a card.  That is pretty sad, huh? 

That doesn't count my kids or grandkids though. 

I better go.  Need to go back to the house and finish my red blouse which is all done except for the buttons, and as it turns out, that is the hardest part.  This fabric is a combination of reds and burgundy's, and it is hard figuring out WHICH buttons look the best on it.  I'll show it to you real soon -- maybe in tomorrow's post.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. So now you are having the same problem I had; finding buttons to go with that fabric. You could use black. The black buttons worked beautifully on your red coat. I picked up my sewing machine tonight. It is all clean and repaired and they say it is working great. It needed a new thread cutter and he removed a couple of burrs on the hook. That is probably why I was having such problems with it stitching; those nasty burrs. I guess I broke one too many needles. Probably the times I tried to sew buttons on by machine. I guess I'll go back to sewing them on by hand. Those weren't all your boxes in that picture? I saw all the ones he had from the store. That didn't even include the ones that were in my office. They are still sitting there.
    I can't wait until February. I know it will go by so fast, too. I miss you when you are at your real house. But I don't blame you for hating to run back and forth between two houses. That would be difficult for me, too.
    I'm starving. Time to find some dinner.
    Hugs, Phylly


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