Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Bible on The History Channel

This morning started out with John Hagee's sermon "The Law of the First Fruits".  This, of course, is about paying 10% of your income to the Lord -- or in our case, whatever church or ministry you are fed by.  I've talked about that before, and I realize it is most people's least favorite subject, so I won't go into it in detail.  It is so, so, so important,  I don't understand why people who call themselves "Christians" don't want to talk about it, and they don't want to do it.  If you do care to know more about the subject of tithing for today, please listen to today's message at and then go to GETV.

I just watched the first showing of "The Bible" on the History Channel.  I had a feeling I wasn't going to want to watch it for long, and I was right.  I have read the Old Testament many times, and I am quite familiar with the stories.  So when these movies come out about the Bible, I notice the inconsistencies and the complete incorrectness of the stories being told.

It started with Adam and Eve eating what looked like a plum.  There was a SNAKE in the tree.  Snakes didn't exist at that point.  It was a SERPENT, and the Bible doesn't say anything about it being in a tree.  The "fruit" was in the tree.  After the serpent tricked Eve, God cursed it and turned it into a snake. 

I watched for about an hour, then turned it off, and I went to my Bible.  Yep, the story of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah was WAY OFF.  My Bible says Lot was sitting at the gate and saw the angels.  He bowed to the angels and invited them to come with him to his home.  He invited them to stay for dinner and to spend the night.

Will somebody tell me WHERE in the Bible it says two "Kung Fu" angels -- one black and one oriental -- whip out swords and start swinging them around in Sodom and Gomorrah????  My Bible says the angels took Lot, his wife and his two daughters by the hand, and led them out of the city.  After they were safe in another little town called Zoar, the fire and brimstone started falling in S&G.

The men of S&G did try to break into Lot's house because they wanted the two angels to come out so they could rape them.  Do you know what happened then?  I've always been shocked by this.  Lot offered to send out his two virgin daughters to the men so they could rape them.  It's in the Bible.  Genesis 19:4-8. 

And the story of Abraham taking Isaac to the mountain to sacrifice was WAY OFF.  Sarah didn't follow him up there.  Abraham, Isaac, a donkey and two young servants went to another town and then up a mountain.  No way did Sarah follow them on foot and climb the mountain!  She was an old woman.  And God didn't put a little lamb in the bushes with his foot hung up.  He he put a ram in the bushes caught by his horns.

The story of Abraham's first son, Ishmael, and Isaac wasn't right either.  Then there was Moses.  He looked like a fallen down, very dusty, old man.  The burning bush looked like it was on the ground instead of way up a mountain, and the "burn" looked like a huge fireball instead of a bush on fire.  All the people looked very dusty.  What was with that?  Wasn't there any water anywhere?  I had to turn it off at the point Moses went to see Pharaoh.  The little kid handing Moses his toy was too much.  WHERE is that in the Bible?  Where was Aaron?  Where does it say they beat Moses?

I didn't watch any more after that.  I would have had to read the whole Old Testament over.  I don't think any actor can properly portray Jesus, although some have been quite good at it.  The Jesus at The Holy Land in Florida is very good from what I've seen of him on TBN. 

Aren't you glad I didn't watch any more of The Bible than I did?   And I must say I really am thankful that someone is attempting to teach the Bible, and that it isn't against the law or political correctness -- at least, on the History Channel -- but I wish they would do a better job of telling the stories.

I better get to bed.  Monday will soon be here.  I'm meeting Phylly for lunch tomorrow.  I'm working on a new blouse to go with my red pants.  I am revising my SFD blueprint to make it.  Pictures are being taken as I go.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Glenn Beck was raving about it, but I've watched too many depictions of the Bible to know they always get it wrong. You do have to give them some license to be creative, thus the "Kung Fu" scene and the snake in the tree. The snake in the tree is depicted in a lot of pictures. The Bible only calls the fruit of knowledge a "fruit", it doesn't say it was an apple, a pomegranite(?) or even a plum. Personally, I think it was probably something unknown outside the Garden of Eden. You've got to give them credit for at least trying to teach something from the Bible. My understanding was that Mark Burnett made the series to help his children understand the Bible better.

    I've never seen a movie that was true to the book. I was so disappointed in "Gone With the Wind" because of that. It is a great movie, but the book is better. I pity those that don't read.

    Its Monday morning and I guess I better head to work. I'll see you at lunch. Its a salad for me today. I have been much too bad this past week. I'm still eating my dark chocolate covered cherries--just one a day. Mmmmmmm...good!
    Hugs, Phylly


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