Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exploding Boobs, Pattern-Making and Knit Videos

Well, THAT sure is maddening!

I just typed 3 very long paragraphs, and they flew off into space.  I don't want to tell you that all over again either, so I won't.

I'll just say all is well at work, and I even had time to sew today.  I left work at 3 PM and came home to make my zillionth SFD muslin.  I now have one in about 6 different sizes.  My bust measures 40 one day -- 41 the next -- and 42 the next -- and then back to 40.  It was even 39 once.  WHAT is with that???

Not only that, my shoulders suddenly measure 16" across the back, and they have always been 15" before.  Does some secret body-changing hormone creep into your bloodstream when you are nearly 63 years old?

Today, my bust measures 42" and it feels like it could explode any minute.  Hold on, please, while I disconnect the harness...................Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss.  That feels a whole lot better.

And NO, I have not gained weight.  I am still 148 instead of 158.  Doesn't make sense.  I am still on my DESM diet which I suppose I should just call my "Forever" diet now.

I wanted to watch Peggy Sagers show everyone how to fit pants last night, but they have not gotten the computer/video problems encountered from last week fixed yet.  I sure hope they get that all fixed.  I'm spoiled with all the free videos.  I watch some of them over and over.

I watched one while I was making my new SFD blueprint this afternoon.  It was the one where she says pattern makers who put darts coming from the armhole don't have a clue what they are doing.  That could be a tiny hint as to why Louise Cutting doesn't care for her!

For you beginner sewers -- pardon me, I guess the term is "sewists" these days so the name doesn't sound the same as something requiring a plumber -- that have recently subscribed to my You Tube videos, you may want to check out www.silhouettepatterns.com.  LOTS of free videos you can watch.

In MY opinion, Peggy is NOT a good teacher, although she THINKS she is.  She is all over the place and is never well-prepared.  You have to have a good imagination.  STILL, you can learn a lot by watching her videos, and they are my favorite price:  FREE!  Her intent is to help us understand pattern making so we won't be so terrified to change our patterns so they will fit.  A WONDERFUL goal.

Also, if you go to www.nancyzieman.com you can find a link to all of her PBS programs.  There are two VERY GOOD videos on how to sew with knits.  She is the nicest person.  I watched her 30-year anniversary videos, and I "met" her husband and her children.  Such a nice family.

I'm headin' to my bedroom to climb into my jammies.  Then it is upstairs to ride the Ellyptical for a few minutes.  If I do it more than a few minutes, I will collapse!  I was at the other house for 8 weeks, and my legs haven't caught back up with what I used to do here yet.

Until soon, enjoy Spring and keep in touch!
Hugs, Joy


  1. Often in the photo display of the SFD designs you have produced, there is a tourqoise sheath/shift. Could outline the style elements and design technicals of this style,please. I'm having the most difficult time on what slould be a simple make, and look to your guidance for a successful result. I rock the style line placements with SFD but the fit of this simple design eludes me. Thanks. FURTHER!!..... How do you mark your even hems single handedly? Still can't imagine why you fuss with difficult patterns that result in multiple wadders of beloved fabric? Why not just use SFD measurements and incorporate style lines? What am I missing in this quest? Thanks, carol

  2. Hi Carol,

    It is just me. I want to think that after taking a zillion classes that I could take any commercial pattern -- which I have hundreds of -- and make it fit me. That has been my goal from the beginning. PLUS, I have so much fabric from my quilting days, that I could make a blouse every day for a long time and never have to go buy fabric. Even if it is a wadder, I feel good that I have made use of fabric. I consider wadders to be "lessons".

    I'll check into the turquoise shift, and I will get back to you in a blog post.

    Hugs, Joy

  3. I tend to agree and disagree about PS. I think she tries to do a good job of teaching on here webcasts, but the room she works in is so dark and crowded, it's hard for me to see what she's doing. I'm sure she's much better in person. Hopefully the PBS show she is going to have will have better lighting.

    The best thing I've learned from watching her is how to use a french curve. I owned one, but never really knew what to do with it other than wave it around at the cat.......... Now I use it to lower necklines and lower the fronts of the pants I make.

    PS easily gets frustrated with those of us who are totally confused. We novice 'sewists' have to keep in mind that we didn't attend college to learn what she is trying to teach us in 1 hour.

    My personal grievance is that she does NOT respond to email questions. She initially did, but then I can only assume she felt she had explained her answer well enough and therefore won't answer anything else on the subject to any one person. What seems easy and logical to one is not necessarily easy to another. We all have our strength and weaknesses. MINE? getting stuff to fit..........

    Glenda from SFD has the patience of a saint. regardless of how many times you ask something - she always graciously responds - redundant as it may be.

    I've never met Nancy Zieman, however I have been to her once a year sales event and plan to go up there next Thursday. It's always fun to see what notions she has for sale, fabric and other wise and they do have seminars and such. It's about a 2 hour drive for me, but it's kinda nice....... I come back thru Brookfield, WI and visit my daughter. just in time for dinner. Fun - huh?

    Going to that gets me inspired. I just ordered the Jalie jeans pattern and I'm going to see how well that adapts to my almost 60 year old figure. If that fails me - I'm going to break down and order the updated pants kit from SFD. (I have the older one V3 with the harem pants that I'll never make) I need the one with the jeans instructions and the high hip. The new one has that if I'm not mistaken.........? You might know..?

  4. I agree with you, Joy, that PS has some good info. I also agree she's not a very good teacher even though, as you said, she thinks she is. She turns me off a lot because she is so dogmatic: it's her way or nothing.

    I actually took a hands-on class from one of her certified teachers and by the time she was done pinning & tucking the muslin, it was a mess. I brought it home & pitched it. Wished I'd kept it in a way. I do the Palmer/Pletsch tissue fitting method & can get a great fit with much less modification than the PS teacher made. I just got the 3 kit set from SFD. I'm always interested in seeing how other fit methods work. I made a pair of pants & the fit was really quite good.

    When Peggy makes statements like "throw out all the fit books you have because they're wrong" I just want to scream. I suspect when she went to college she used some of those books. I'm always leary of people who trash their competitors to make themselves & their products seem better. That said, I still watch her videos, because she does have some good info & knowledge to share. It's just the way she goes about it that's often annoying.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Every time I watch her webcast, I see the adulations coming from the people logged in - :the Peggy you're wonderful" and 'Peggy - what would we do without you" comments.
      . Initially I was in that same mindset until I had an issue with a pattern and emailed her several times to find out how to do something. Then made a suggestion about how it would be nice if the Peggy followers could somehow connect with each other on a voluntary basis. I suggested that because I live in an area where no one sews anything other than quilts. There is a gal from at least close to me ( about 45 minutes from her) that knows I'm also from the IL / WI area and I'd love to connect with her, but obviously I can't ask her for an email address during the chat.

      For those of us who like or don't like her patterns but would like to discuss fitting issues with someone other than Peggy - it would be nice to connect.

      I have emailed with questions at least 10 times over the past couple of months. She NEVER (underline never) responds.

      I don't think she likes to be questioned if she has even an inkling that you don't agree with her 100%.

      I used to recommend her webcasts, but rarely do that anymore. Life is too short to be a stinker........

      I also have picked up some useful information from her webcasts, but I find her patterns to be expensive when not the POM. I found a really cool fabric store in Chicago where you can find ANYTHING!
      And the pricing is within my budget. It's in a crummy neighborhood, and the building is falling down, but they have 75 thousand sq ft of just about anything you could possibly want.

      As for the DEAL on the sewing tables? Check out Nancy's notions when she has free shipping. much better deal. They arrive faster and have the tray and the circle cutter. I discovered that after waiting almost 10 weeks for the one I ordered thru Silhouette.

      the scissors from Kai? go to their website. same prices, if not lower, free shipping.

      I'm not trying to divert business from her, but when she says it's an incredible deal? Look around before ordering. I"m on a budget so I do. Unfortunately I didn't do that with the Sew Steady table.

      I wish I had someone to help me tissue fit. but - I don't know anyone who sews. that's why I suggested Peggy put us in touch with others in our area. NOT. I don't think she wants us talking back and forth :-)

      that's my rant for the day.

    2. for the record - I think it's safe.

      Susie ssarge2@gmail.com

  5. Joy Joy knows I'm jumping up and down with glee to have Janet and Susie express my feelings about Peggy perfectly. I used to watch her webcasts, but finally just could not take anymore of her sweeping comments that amounted to pronouncing herself the Grand Poupon of all things fitting. She has some great designs, but since they are copied straight from other designers, they ought to be. But her patterns and instructions leave a lot to be desired. Of course, I just bought a pattern from Vogue that had poor instructions, too But that is unusual, not the norm.

    I love SFD, even though I don't use it as much as I should. Glenda is always wonderful to work with. I love the pattern instructions from Louise Cutting and most of her techniques. But I run from anything to do with Peggy.

    For Kai scissors, go to "the Scissorman" website. He has the best prices I found anywhere. Plus he has wonderful service.

    Sorry, Joy Joy, I know you love her, but she really pushes my buttons.
    love ya, Hugs, Phylly

  6. Quite a few years ago our ASG chapter hosted PS, mainly due to the fact she came free IF she could have a fitting session the night before. We (she) chose a McCalls pants pattern which I ran and purchased plus a bunch of muslin to make a friend a pair of pants. (This was held at our local Hancock's Fabric Store.) I cannot fault her method, she went right where the trouble originated and corrected it - albeit a little unorthodox, but it worked. For some reason she sniped at me during the session(don't know why); but I digress: during the afternoon session she was so off the mark about where a dress hem should land that I walked out - I think I was either president or a major officer. Never gave her a look again. I do have a couple of her videos (VHS) and concur with another post - disorganized and dark. Enough.....Lydia

  7. sometimes there are reasons people are single...........


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