Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday and Job Security

I had to quit blogging for a bit because I had to SUDDENLY return to work.

My store manager here in Kingston had some serious family issues come up, and she quit without notice after being gone four days prior.  When that happens -- and one is the owner of the company -- that one must rush back to work without passing GO and without collecting $200!!!

So I have been here at work -- and am here now on this pretty Sunday afternoon at 2:22 pm.  The manager of our other store has driven 150 miles to work here today, and the employee who is moving up to the position is here working today.

I am SO VERY THANKFUL for these two people right now! 

And due to an unfortunate twist of fate, Phylly is right in the middle of this transition.  Phylly is the one who received files from the lady who left in order to do the billing for them.  Hence, I keep calling and having nervous breakdowns over Phylly's phone, and poor Phylly is about to run off too! 

It's a very good thing that Phylly is my complete opposite, and she has the patience of Job.

Love you Phylly!  Please hang in there.

You can probably imagine that I am the letter-writer, note-taker type of personality.  You would laugh if you could see all the letters and notes I have taped or paperweighted to employees' desks around here today.  I can "see" their eyes rolling and "hear" the comments even though I won't be here when they are read. 

I wish I could get my employees to take notes and keep good records.  There must be 50 files or more on top of the desk of the lady who left, and not a single note on top of any of them.  I just have to study each one and guess its status.

I can't stay long.  I need to get some work done.

Just wanted to drop by and say, "HI!".  No Sunday sermon today.  I'll have to watch it later this week.  I sure missed it this morning though.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I can sympathize. I am a business owner and when no one else is there to do the work - I do it.

    on another topic: I just made up the t-shirt part of the sweater set - silhouette pattern. yuk! I don't like the seam allowances. the neck was too high. the shoulders are too wide. I could go on.

    I watched your info on v-neck finishes when working with knits, but I already had the front and back sewn together. so - suggestions?

    I also saw a post you did on narrowing the shoulders on a Kwik sew. I don't know where I saw it but vaguely remember you saying just trace the smaller narrower shoulder at the top and then curve it down to the size you want? does that sound about right?

    1. Yes. Measure from shoulder tip to shoulder tip across your chest. Mine is 15". Then measure your 1/2 pattern front from center front to shoulder tip to see what it measures, and then double that to see if it matches you. You want it to be the same or maybe 1/4" wider. Personal preference, I suppose. I ALWAYS have to cut mine back at the shoulder and then go out at the side seam.

      Hope that helps. Peggy's patterns are certainly an adventure.

      Hugs, Joy

    2. "Peggy's patterns are certainly an adventure."

      that is putting it in a way I've never looked at it. I like adventure as much as the next person, but I think I've picked the wrong 'vacation' spot for my adventure. :-) While I have gotten some very useful information - how to use a french curve etc, putting in a sleeve on a jacket - I think I'm better off leaving the judgement of 'ease' to a standard pattern maker based on my body measurements. OR - SFD. I'm going to have to order one of her tops kits. I'd like to make blouses and perhaps a blazer, but I'm not sure which 'kit' would be the best to do that. You have experience with that. what would you suggest?

  2. I'm not going anywhere! Well, not until they carry me off to the looney bin!:-0 Of course, if you send me fifty to seventy-five new files in the next few weeks, I may have no hair because I will have pulled it all out. But I'll be the cutest looking bald headed crazy lady in the looney bin if I am wearing my new Tilton top.

    My mother had a favorite saying when I was a little girl; "It'll all come out in the wash." My favorite saying is, "This too shall pass." Both of those tell me I will get through whatever is happening. But if I don't get through, then there is Psalm 27:1 which says, "The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom should I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom should I be afraid."

    Just give me a chance to answer the first question before you ask the next ten. OK? ;-)
    Love you, Phylly

    1. Funny! Lu said the same exact thing, only it was more like, "Can I please go to the bathroom first?!"
      Hugs, Joy


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