Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sure-fit Designs Really DOES Fit! -- 2 New Blouses

Honestly.  I cannot rave enough about Sure-fit Designs (SFD).  (Note to Glenda: I can't get the "TM" to work in Blogger.  Sorry.)

Not only is it fun to draw out the patterns, the fit is amazing even if you don't know all the tweaking your body requires.  By "tweaking" -- in my case -- I mean:

Forward Shoulders
High Round Back
One Hip Higher
One Shoulder Higher
Sway Back

Even if I did NOT do all those extra adjustments in the paper pattern, the fit would be way better than any commercial pattern provides. 

I have spent two months trying to perfect the fit of Louise Cutting's patterns.  I am having to make 3 or 4 muslins before I am happy with the fit.  And, YES, I am VERY picky about the fit.  What bugs me the MOST about most of the garments I used to make -- before SFD -- is the blouses would always pull to the back.  I would pull the blouse forward over and over and over and over  -- allllllllllllll daaaaay loooooong -- until my neck was red and sore.  This happens worse than ever with Louise's patterns. 

So, after much frustration, and leaving Muslin #3 at my other house, I pulled out my TNT (Tried And True) SFD patterns. 

First:  I decided to make my SFD "Shawl Collar Blouse".  I made it entirely in just one day.  At first, I thought I hated it because it didn't look good on me.  AND, I had clipped the collar seam a bit too deep and made a hole in the collar.  I ALMOST threw the whole thing away because of that.  Instead, I patched the hole as best I could.  Then I took it downstairs and threw it in the washing machine and let it just sit for two days.  I thought I might give it to Phylly because she isn't nearly as picky as I am.  It had a big enough boob dart in it for Dolly, so I knew it would fit her.  Even though she is shorter than I am, we have the same measurements.

Yesterday, I realized I had enough fabric left to make a sleeveless blouse.  I pulled out my SFD pattern that I call the "Yoke Blouse" that has a gathered yoke at the top of the front.  I made it entirely yesterday.  When I finished it and tried it on, I thought it looked really good on me.  How could the exact same print I hated two days earlier suddenly look good????  Who knows.  Anyway, I took the Yoke Blouse and threw it in the washer with the Shawl Collar Blouse. 

This morning, I retrieved both blouses from the dryer and brought them upstairs for a final press and try-on for pictures. 

This is the SFD Shawl Collar Blouse:

Here is the front of the blouse. 

Can you see the tear in the collar?  I doubt it.  It looked like a gigantic flaw to me the other day when I made it.

Here is the back.  No mistakes here.  GREAT fit!  I did narrow the bottom of the sleeves as I saw Peggy Sagers do in her latest video.  Not so flag-like now.

And my WONDERFUL husband happened to show up just as I set up the tripod.  You can see how well-trained he is now.  He and Phylly both just automatically pose for me.  WHY, OH, WHY can't I get my kids to operate like that???

I think this blouse is even prettier with his arm around it!

And here is a side view.

The front is down where it belongs.  I didn't have to keep adding to the length to get it to be the same as the back.

Notice that there is no bust dart on the side.  Look up at the first picture, and you will see it.

It starts at the shoulder seam and comes down.  LOVE THAT!  Glenda shows how to do all of this in the book that comes with the Dress Kit -- or is it the Shirt Kit. 

Get them both! 

So that is the Shawl Collar blouse that I was going to throw away or give to Phylly.  NOW, I love it!  I must admit, however, that happens a lot when I make something.  It ALWAYS looks better several days later.

And, now for the other blouse made out of the same fabric. 

This is the sleeveless SFD Yoke Blouse:

I did make the second blouse a little longer than the first one.  It started out longer than this, but I just could not stand it.  Sorry.  I know there is at least one lady out there that thinks my blouses are all too short.  I think I like mine short enough that I can easily get my hands in and out of the pockets.  Whenever I am out, I leave my purse in the trunk of my car, and I load up all my pockets.  One has my tiny credit card wallet -- one has my cell phone -- one has my keys -- one has Kleenex.  NO WONDER my pants won't stay up!

I almost forgot to show you this one.  It shows where I cut the collar on the first blouse, and then fixed it.  Would this bother you???  Would you see it if you were talking to me at the fabric store?

I KNOW what you think, Phylly! 

I want to know what NORMAL people think? 

Okay.  I better quit before I get myself in trouble.  This sewing room looks like a tornado went through it dragging a thread factory behind it.  Jerry is working, of course, in his office just below me, so I have to be kind of quiet.

Hope you all are well and having a MARVELOUS weekend.  I am LOVING the sunshine, but missing Phylly.  I don't understand why Jerry doesn't think it would be great fun to come up here and sew with me all day long.  Phylly LOVES to do it, and so do I.  Men!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love the fabric great colours on you:)
    I would love to shop in your stash LOL.
    I have to agree with the othe comment about the length but that is our personal preference.
    Both shirts fit well and I think that the sleeveless version makes you look slimmer too.
    Stick with SFD and use other patterns for inspiration.
    I love playing with the darts and really like the shoulder dart - used it recently in a dress. must write a review.

  2. Both blouses are fantastic and love your fabric!!! The length looks great on you. Sure-Fit is the best for "Fit" you can't beat it, I know i have tried and always go back to it..

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy sewing!!!


    1. Thanks Sharlene!

      I have 3 RTW blouses I bought on sale after Christmas hanging here in my sewing room. I am going to put them on tomorrow and take pictures of them LONG and then SHORTER. Pictures really do show you a world of information.

      Hugs, Joy

  3. Who wants to be normal? If I was normal I would definitely be in the looney bin by now. Hmmmm...I wonder if they would take me anyway. I might get some peace there. How nice that would be.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Beautiful! I love S F D also! Since I bought the kit, I never looked back. I have to say that you have really inspired mr on my journey! God Bless!

  5. I forgot to add that I would never notice that little flaw if I saw you out and about. Things like that seem to only bother us, :)

  6. Joy,
    I always enjoy your posts -- you crack me up in a good way. I'm curious if you took a hands-on with Glenda or did you just work from the SFD DVDs/books? Thanks,

  7. Hi Janet!

    I have talked to Glenda a lot on the phone, and I have had some Skype sessions with her. Anyone can do that though. Mostly, I have learned from her very generous supply of videos and from the books that came with my kits. She always answers my emails within a day.

    Practice makes perfect! You will see my name as "Editor" in the 3 little books she recently released, but that was something I volunteered to do for her. I am just a natural-born proofreader. I really have no affiliation with SFD other than I really love it!

    I have made SO MANY blouses now, that I am wondering WHERE I will hang another one. I went through my closet a few hours ago and filled several bags full of things I no longer wear. All RTW, of course.

    Hugs, Joy

  8. I really love reading your stuff. I just discovered it today via a web post at PR. I found your Sagers coments interesting. I do like to watch her webcasts and videos although I can rally only afford her patterns when they are on sale.

    I think she got tired of me asking questions about how to do stuff or making suggestions for things that I hear echo-ed about. She never responds to an email anymore. I clinched it when I thought the sew-steady table would never get to me. While I was waiting the 2+ months to get it, I found a better deal at the nancy's notions store - same table - only with the drawer and the holes for circles already in it. same price or a little less - free shipping. I really wanted to cancel my order with silhouette but they never got back to me.

    Now she has scissors for sale. The KAI ones? You can get them on the Kai website for the same or less with NO shipping charges.

    Your tops are really cute. some are silhouette patterns, but I don't know which ones. I think on most of them, the shorter ones flatter your figure better.

    I have an old SFD pants system. It's the only system I have at this point, but I've had really good luck with the basic pant. They actually fit. I did a little tweaking because I like mine lower in the front, but aside from that - SFD is a great system and Glenda never ignores my emails. She's always so gracious. What a DOLL!

    You have alot of info on your blog. I'm just now starting to work thru it.

    thanks for the 'normal' people instructional videos. They are some of the best I've seen. And you don't speak down to those of us who have little to no confidence in what we're doing.

    perhaps I'll see you in the next silhouette webcast on Monday night. name is susie but go by a nickname.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Well, I don't know if I am a normal person but I have always heard that if you can't see a sewing mistake when you ride by on a galloping horse than don't worry about it because no one else will either!


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