Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wasp Funeral and Missing Muslin

GoodNESS!  I have done a week's work here today.  I must have had 20 bags to unload plus my sewing boxes.  I changed the sheets, washed them and put them back on since that hasn't been done since I left two months ago.   Had to vacuum the living room and the hallway because about a dozen wasps decided to get in through some micro-crack and then fly around until they finally fell down and croaked on my carpet and tile floor.
I worked all morning downstairs and finally got to go upstairs to put all my new fabric away and set up the new Cover Stitch machine.  I wanted to get to Muslin #3 of Anything But Ordinary which I had all done except for the sleeves so I could finish it.  BUT, much to my dismay, it is the ONLY thing I forgot and left at the other house.  Therefore, I still don't have pics for you of Muslins #2 and #3. 

Jerry and I are in our recliners watching Pawn Shop.  NOT our favorite show, but we just want to do something that involves sitting and not working.  DWTS comes on at 8 tonight.  I sure hope Wynonna gets voted off.  I am really shocked that a musician can't dance AT ALL!  Looks to me like Derrick could win again, or maybe Val.

I am going to my store tomorrow, and I'm sure I will be there all day long.  That actually is very enjoyable for me.  I get to catch up on the employee's lives and go through all the junk mail on my desk.

I also have several boxes of fabric I ordered while in Edmond, so it is like my birthday.  I have totally forgotten what I even ordered by the time I get back here, so it is always a surprise.

I have an employee review that was due two months ago, so I have to do that tomorrow too.  NOT my favorite thing to do.

We have a cute little Hispanic girl that works for us.  Her name is Graciela.  We call her "Gracie".  She is SO SHY, I nearly scared her to death every time I spoke to her when she first came to work for us.  I was working all the time then.  She was just 19 years old.  I asked her to type some labels on my typewriter one time, and she didn't do it.  She printed some addresses out on her printer instead.  I called her in my office, and I asked her why she didn't type the labels on the typewriter like I asked her to.  She said, "I have never even SEEN a "typer" before."  Evidently, typewriters don't even exist in High Schools anymore.  I told her she needed to LEARN how to use it.  She decided to go into another office where there is also a typewriter, and she learned how to type file folder labels on it.  She told me once,  "I've never worked for anyone like you before."  I told her I've heard that a lot.  Of course, she was only 19.  She had only had one other job.  I expect my employees to learn their job and do it right.  I'm not the type of boss that does the employee's job for them.  Why should I pay them for me to do their job???

Gracie has been with us for several years now, and she isn't afraid of me anymore.  I'm not there much though.  She is an EXCELLENT employee and works very hard.  Her work is always caught up and done very well.  We are very blessed to have her.

I said all that to say that Gracie got married about 8 months ago, and she is going to have a baby in May.  I don't think she realized she was pregnant for a long time.  We all noticed her gaining weight, but she didn't seem to know why.  She called me about 6 weeks ago to tell me she is pregnant.  She acted like she had just figured it out.  Tomorrow will be the first time I will see her baby tummy.

Time to go.  We are watching Storage Wars now.  I wish these people would come give us thousands of dollars for the junk left behind from renters of our storage buildings!!!  Someone left a stolen boat in one several years ago.  It was a real nice big boat.  We called the police, and we found the real owner.

Hugs, Joy

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