Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing Spree with Phylly -- VIDEOS -- "A New Dimension" Jacket UPDATE

Phylly arrived last Tuesday night.  She worked at the store all day Wednesday and Thursday, but FRIDAY, our Summer Sewing Spree began!  We were both so excited.  You would think we would have done more in two whole days, but we made a really detailed project with tons of topstitching.  Sunday morning, we attended church in the sewing room with Jerry, and then Phylly had to leave.  Her husband was missing her, and she had to be at work this morning, so she really had to go.  I missed her before she drove away!

We made FIVE videos for you!  They are all just 2 or 3 minutes long. 

This is Friday morning, June 21, 2013 and Day 1:

This is our Oreo cookie swing break after lunch on Day 1.

This is late Friday afternoon -- Day 1 -- and we are both worn out and cannot remember what anything is called.

This is Day 2  -- nearly noon because I arrived late due to a wet blouse issue.  I promise to take a video of us drawing Phylly's shoulder slope, but we both forgot.  We didn't forget to DO it.  We just forgot to VIDEO it.  Oops! 

And this is Sunday morning just before Phylly had to leave for Oklahoma.  We had so much fun even though my husband did find something drastically wrong with my jacket.

The garment is Louise Cutting's "A New Dimension" jacket.  I like it because it is V-neck and has a tab that you put one big button on.  I found out today that "one big button" takes one GIGANTIC buttonhole!  Good heavens.  My automatic function couldn't even make one that long.  I had to do it manually. 

It is NOW several days since I posted the 3 videos above.  I JUST finalized my jacket this morning.  I removed one shoulder pad -- put a 1/2" shoulder pad in the LOW shoulder - added a snap to the bottom front, and it is ALL DONE! 

Here is a video of me modeling it so I can see how it looks in "real life":

Phylly found a beautiful button for her jacket.  I will post a picture of hers "all done" as soon as she sends me one.  Hint-hint!!!, Phylly.  (-:

Here's some "stills" which are IMPOSSIBLE to get in any other form but a photograph with my ever-in-motion body.

I wish everyone could sew.  It is such a gratifying hobby.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Good friends, good times, and great looking jackets! Thanks so much for sharing your Joyful enthusiasm in the videos of your sewing weekend. And thank you for the tip about the double button! I will definitely be using that one.

  2. There was nothing drastically wrong with your jacket. I doubt anyone else would have noticed. Jerry just happens to have a very good eye. I did notice when we turned around that my jacket is longer on the left side because of my low left shoulder. I'll need to add some batting to my left shoulder pad. We must be mirror image twins; your right shoulder is low and my left shoulder is low.

    Lest anyone think we don't like Louise Cutting's patterns, wrong! We love Louise and her pattern line. However ,we have noticed that she, like all the other independent designers, seems to think that her pattern line will fit everybody perfectly without alterations. Wrong! Everybody is different and fit will be different for everyone. I have less to do with Louise's patterns, but I still need alterations. I just wish designer's would be more open to that fact.

    I'm falling asleep, so I better call it a night. I miss you , JoyJoy!

    Hugs, Phylly

  3. watching these videos it makes me want to do another sewing weekend with my friends - looks like you both had a ball - lovely expensive muslin too ha ha

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