Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sermon and 3 Videos of SFD Lace Top

Today's sermon was all about sex.  You really should listen to it.  Unless you are dead, you will crack up laughing.  It must be really hard for preachers to preach about sex, but it surely is needed.  Jerry and I had heard the exact sermon from our own preacher -- well, former preacher -- Duane Sheriff. 

They must get their information from the same source -- other than the Bible, that is.  I don't think the Bible says men are brain-damaged at birth. 

The sermon is taken from Song of Solomon where Solomon describes his love's hair as being like "a flock of goats" and her teeth are like "a flock of newly shorn ewes".  (A "flock".  Yep.  Check it out in Song of Solomon 4:1-2.)

Hagee said, "That is like saying "You don't sweat much for a fat girl.""

GOOD HEAVENS!  The overweight ladies in his church must have a great sense of humor.  He and his wife both fill that bill, so maybe that gives him the license.

But, really, Hagee said, everybody had awful teeth in those days.  The animals actually had much better teeth, so it was a great compliment to say your teeth were like the ewe's teeth.

Fortunately for me, I heard this sermon many years ago, and I was able to understand that Jerry and I had the very same problem as most married couples:

We were perfectly NORMAL! 

It's the whole Mars/Venus thing, you know. 

If you are interested, go to and look up this morning's sermon.  You will love it.

I started a 3-part video "series" yesterday.  Mainly, because I'm not good enough with video editing to stick it all together, and even if I did, it would take three years to upload to YouTube.  So there are three little videos about my Comfy Cardigan by -- who else -- Sure-fit Designs™. 

Pardon the PINK jeans.  I tried to paint them black with PhotoShop, but it didn't work.  Play like they are black, okay?  In Video #3, I do have on black top and black pants.  Looks much better.

Glenda sent me the pretty lace fabric, so I wanted to use one of her patterns.  This one is from "Beyond Bodice Basics".

Video #1

Video #2

This 2nd video goes in and out of focus a lot at the beginning.  It quits in a few seconds.  Don't know what is causing that. 

I finished making this garment this morning.  There was one part of the construction that was a little tricky.  I figured it out okay because I've done that type of thing before.  You roll part of the garment up like a sausage, and then you wrap some other part of the garment up over it and sew it together.  Then you have to pull all the "stuffing" out.  Kewl, really, if you can figure it out.

Video #3

That is all for today.  Tomorrow, the hammer and nail crew returns to finish the work on our house.  It is turning into a much-longer, much-more-complicated job than first-thought.  You would think these guys had never done this kind of work before as everything that happens seems to be a surprise to them.  Right now, the wonderful ceiling is almost all up, BUT, when it rained this morning, the rain came right down the fireplace bricks anyway.  Now, we go backwards again for awhile, and I have to be the big meany to get it done right because Jerry had to leave again.  AARRGGHH!

BUT, I am  VERY, VERY grateful that I HAVE a roof and a fireplace, unlike so many who lost it all in the tornados.  How unbelievably awful it must be for them.  I shall STOP complaining now.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I so enjoy reading your blog.seems like You love life,love The Lord & love to sew.i appreciate your easy going attitude and willingness to share your sewing endeavors .I have the sure-fit works combo & you keep me keep smiling & keep sewing. God bless you.
    Joy (really its my name too)

    1. Don't you LOVE your name! I really do. Everyone says mine fits, and I guess it does -- most of the time. When nobody comments on my blog, I wonder if anyone is reading it at all. Thanks for letting me know that you do!
      Hugs, Joy

  2. Hello Joy,
    I read your blog every night and when you haven't posted anything new I read your old blogs. I've learned a lot from you. Thank you!
    The new cardigan looks beautiful and I love the colors on you.
    I’ve been thinking about getting a coverstich machine and seen your video. I have read several reviews online and still confused as to which one to get. Are you still happy with yours and where did you order yours from? I want one that's easy to thread, has a free arm and large throat space.
    On Amazon I can get a Janome coverpro 900 for 399.00 with a bonus of 2 extra feet (or) a Brother 2340CV for 349.00. I would value your opinion.


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