Thursday, June 20, 2013

Testing My Swing and Phylly Arrives!

This is a TEST! 

Is it possible to type my daily -- or semi-daily -- blog post while swinging? 

This laptop is trying to slide off my lap as my swing is on the backward glide, but I find that if I hold my wrists down really firm on the keyboard front, that it doesn't fall and crash on the cement below my feet.  If it does, I will be running away from home and leaving Phylly here to cook and clean for Jerry.

Maybe I could get the hammer and nail crew to build me a tray for my swing!  Then I could just stay here all the time except for potty breaks.

Yep!  Phylly arrived about 7:30 last night, much to my delight.  She looked so good in the outfit she was wearing -- an outfit she made, of course, using gorgeous summer weight wool she got at The Cloth Merchants in Tulsa.  If wool didn't itch me to death, I sure would be sewing with it myself.  It makes such beautiful garments.

Remember me telling you how wonderful the new contractors were?  Well, please erase all that from your mind.  The bloom is off the rose, so to speak, on that deal.   Turns out they lie -- they don't show up when they say they will -- they are doing other jobs at the same time when they swore to us they never did that, etc., etc.  They "told on me" to Jerry this morning.  Todd told Jerry that I called him "a bald-faced liar" -- which I didn't -- and his son, Tracy, said, "Yeah, I heard her."  The boy has AMAZING hearing considering he wasn't even there!

I've had it with them.  I won't let them back in my house.  The shower is just going to have to stay as it is, and the other jobs too.  I'm sick of the boss constantly complaining that he isn't making any money, and he underbid the job.  I have, in fact, already paid them MORE than what we owe them, and they aren't even going to do parts I paid for that I wasn't suppose to have to pay until the job was all done.  AARRGGHH!!!

Other than that, and the fact that the hammer and nail crew is off until next week because Todd is getting married tomorrow, although I thought the reason he was off most of last week was because he was getting married last weekend, I am enjoying having Phylly here.  She is actually working at the store today and tomorrow, but she is off Friday and will stay until Sunday.  Hopefully, I'll get some pics or maybe a video for you.

I've got to run.  Time to get the casserole out of the oven.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Have you tried finding contractors through Angie's List? I use it. No ads allowed, strictly reviews by people who have used them. Worth the money, for sure. Naturally you only want A rated people, and you can give a negative review to those who are "working" on your house.

    1. Yes, we belong to Angie's List. Problem is, nobody down here is even on it!


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