Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jewelry for Gifts -- Do You Like To Receive It?

I am still in Edmond with ALL of my jewelry supplies, and some of my sewing supplies.  I have started making Christmas presents for the girls, although the entire time I am making them, I am thinking:

WHAT if they hate this?

WHAT if they don't realize the many, many hours I put into this, and they think it is junk?

WHAT if they SAY they like it so they don't hurt my feelings, but then they throw it away?

I can't remember any jewelry I have received as a gift that I really hated.  Of course, I haven't received much.

I am NOT kidding when I tell you that I have now spent over $5,000 on supplies to make jewelry.  I imagine I COULD sell some pieces in my store, but I don't really want to do that.  In THAT case, I'm not worried that people WON'T like it -- I'm worried people WILL like it, and then I'll have to make more and more and more ....  I don't want to HAVE to make it.  That would spoil all the enjoyment.

Good heavens!  I would have to charge $100 or more for each piece if you count my time making it.  I spent EIGHT hours on one silly cabachon, and since I'm still not happy with it, I will probably spend EIGHT more!

Here, I'll show you.  FIRST, let me show you what a "cabachon" is.  I never heard of one in my life until I started ordering jewelry stuff.

I ordered a COLLECTION of various-colored cabachons.  For some reason, Fire Mountain thinks "various colors" means all GREEN!  I was wearing a blouse that had green in it the other day, so I decided to TRY to make a pendant with one of these green stones.  There is NO HOLE in any of them.

I found a "pattern" on Craftsy from some lady that makes jewelry.  I paid $6 for it.  It was 48 pages long and it was titled "ADVANCED".  I looked at the picture, and it didn't look that advanced to me, so I bought it.

This is what the pendant looks like if you make it totally according to the directions:

I TRIED to make it totally perfect according to the directions
if you noticed,
my cabachons are NOT that shape.

The lady that wrote the directions mentioned that you need to be a mathematical genius if you use some other shape.

GREAT!  As if bending all that wire wasn't hard enough.

I decided the worst that could happen is I could totally screw up the wire, but the cabachon would still be okay.

EIGHT hours later, this is the cabachon pendant I came up with:

Notice how great it matches the green in that blouse I made.  That was actually the ONLY thing I liked about it.

The spirals on the bottom looked pretty good.

Look at the ORIGINAL pendant up above.  Notice the curly cues at the top of the cabachon that hold it in the frame.

I MADE curly cues, but they would not hold this stone in because my stone is a different shape.

Duh!  Guess that is where the math comes in.

I needed 4 instead of two.  I decided to take some wire and just wrap around from here to there and over there and over there.  It made kind of a star shape.  I thought it looked pretty good until I took pics of it.  I could see I had deformed the frame so it stuck out on one side and not the other.  PLUS, the wraps around the bail look HORRIBLE!

This is the BACK.

It looks good enough for a back,
but I certainly would not win any awards.

The cabachon sure wasn't going to fall out!

So today, after I made a pendant for a Christmas gift,
I decided to cut the "star" wires off and try to redo it.

I didn't do much better.

I will probably start over again tomorrow while I'm waiting for the lawn man to bring dirt for my garden.  That's always fun to wait for.

here is take two.

I cut off all the little wires, and I tried again.  This time, I ended up with 2 loops that look like hangy boobs, but I did manage to get a little spiral at the top.

One wire goes over -- then under.

One wire goes under -- then over.

I think that is why the shape is not the same.

I wrapped the bail some more, and it looks a lot better.

That project is still in the works.

It is for me, so I have the rest of my life.

Another pattern I bought turned out really cute.  It is also a pendant, but much easier.

I have made a silver one for my granddaughter,
and a gold one for my daughter.

I think they are darling, but you never know what they will think.  I am going to make myself some.

Here they are:

Need to make earrings to go with, just in case, the recipients actually like them.

I've GOT to get out of this chair, and walk or jump or something!  Too much sitting.  I can feel my butt spreading like warm butter, and it certainly doesn't need any more of that!

Hope you are enjoying FALL.  I love it!  Our brand new Sam's Club opens tomorrow, and I will be there!  Thank God, they don't sell jewelry components there!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I think the are ALL pretty, and pretty amazing, at that! Everyone will be overJOYed to receive them.

  2. Thanks Carole!
    Good to hear from you. Are you dancing these days? I WOULD DEARLY LOVE to dance, but my husband would have to allow me to dance with a stranger. He is either working or sleeping.
    Hugs, Joy

  3. These pieces are fabulous! If anyone turns up their nose, just look my way :)

  4. Thanks Rhonda!
    I am the type that will keep doing it over and over and over until I get it right. Too bad I'm not 30 instead of 60+. I could have used some nice jewelry in those days.
    Hugs, Joy

  5. Hello, Nonny here, (remember?). I think your cabochon pendant is beautiful and far nicer than the original.

    1. Hi Nonny. Thanks for such a NICE compliment. I may just wear it like it is.
      Hugs, Joy

  6. I think your pieces are very nice and would think anyone would be lucky to have handmade pieces from you.I know you are very meticulous with all your work and it shows. I am so glad that you and your best bud got to take a girls trip to Tulsa, even if it was in the rain. It is so sad that the shop is closing. I am sure there have been some very talented women working there for a very long time.I am sure they will miss each other too. That is what I miss the most about not working anymore.
    My husband and I went camping a few weeks ago at the Chickasaw National Park in Sulphur and I saw a commercial on TV for a medical supply store in Kingston. I told my husband I bet that is your store. Was I right? We had plans to go this weekend but as I am sure you know it is closed. Even though it is a little chilly for camping I was looking forward to meeting my brother and his wife there for the weekend. We bought a travel trailer kind of late in the season and have not gotten to use it much.
    As always I have enjoyed your adventures and thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Anita,
      I "replied" to you the other day, but I'm not sure it went to you since it was via email.
      YES, that is our store in Kingston.
      I am still in Edmond waiting for a guy to bring some dirt for my gardens. A bunch of the top soil has washed away over the years, and the roots are all sticking up! He was supposed to come Friday, but didn't. We'll see if he shows up tomorrow.
      I need to do a new blog post now.
      Hugs, Joy


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