Friday, October 18, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Good Morning!  It is Friday, 10-18-13 -- I'm pretty sure.  This week has been crazy, and yesterday was a whirlwind and the looooooooooooooooongest day.

We got a call at 5 PM Wednesday from Countrywood.  That is where Jerry's 93-year old Mom, Nida, lives in the Alzheimer's unit.  Mom had fallen AGAIN.  She falls frequently these days.  THIS TIME, however, she was hurt and she was sent to ER in an ambulance.  She has broken her shoulder and her hip -- both on the right side.

Now, this is horrible enough for an elderly person in their right mind, but for a patient that doesn't even know who she is or where she is, it is so much more difficult.  The surgeon says she probably won't even be able to go to Rehab because she won't understand the instructions.

Jerry and I slept as much as possible Wednesday night before and after calls from the hospital, and yesterday morning we loaded up everything but the kitchen sink in our two vehicles, and headed 150 miles north to the hospital. Mom had surgery on her hip at 6 PM yesterday, and she did just fine.  BUT, the day wasn't over...

My super-healthy -- never sick -- not even gas or indigestion -- husband had a pain in his right side under his rib cage.  It hurt all day and kept getting worse.  He couldn't even eat all his dinner because that made it hurt worse.  So there we were -- in the hospital cafeteria while Mom was in surgery -- and wondering if we need to rush Jerry to the ER since we are -- after all -- in a hospital.

We decide we will take him to a Doc-In-The-Box (AM/PM Clinic) after Mom is out of surgery, which we did.  There wasn't a doctor on duty, but there was a PA there.  She told Jerry she thinks it is his intestine/colon or whatever that part of one's body is.  She gave him two prescriptions for antibiotics and informed him that they may or may NOT help, and he may or may not have to go to ER or a Gastroenterologist.

He doesn't have a fever, so it seems weird to take antibiotics, and she agreed.

It is to treat some kind of bacteria that may or may NOT be there.

We have been up for about an hour this morning, and Jerry is complaining that his side hurts worse.  We looked up a doctor on the internet who just happens to be right next door to the hospital where Nida is right now.

IF we can get an appointment, we will be going there today to find out why Jerry has a pain.  Otherwise, it will be ER.

Other than all of that exciting stuff, I am about to make a new top -- wonder if they allow sewing machines in ER??? -- to go with the new necklace I made the other day.  Poor Jerry.  I didn't realize he was hurting yesterday morning, and I had him haul ALL those boxes of beads and ALL my boxes of sewing necessities down the stairs.  He didn't tell me it was hurting him to do that lifting until hours later at the hospital or I would have just left the stuff there.  Right now, it is still in his van.  We may have to hire movers to get it into this house.  (For some who may not know:  We have two business locations 150 miles apart, and because of that, we have two homes.)

I have "been there-done that" with Nida several times, and I know it will require me staying here for weeks and maybe months.  That is why I needed my projects. Especially, the Christmas gifts.

That's it for today.  I'll keep you posted.

Hugs, Joy


  1. So sorry to hear about Jerry's mother. Such a terrible thing to have happen. What a blessing to have you and Jerry there to take care of her. There are so many elderly people that have no one. This will be a difficult recovery for all. I hope you can find someone to help Jerry get some relief and answers to his problem. I will be praying for you all. Keep us posted and make sure you take care of yourself.

  2. Maybe Jerry strained a muscle from moving boxes. ?

  3. Good luck and I hope this is nothing serious. Keep us posted.

  4. So sorry for Jerry's mother... Hope she recovers without incident. Also wishing Jerry the best!

  5. Please take Jerry to the ER. A doc in the box is no substitute for the real thing. Hope your mother in law recovers.


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