Friday, October 25, 2013

Meet the Reverend and his Wife, Roberta

This morning was pretty uneventful.  I awoke -- combed through my Albert Einstein morning hairdo -- washed my face -- and went to join Jerry in the den where he was listening to praise CD's and reading healing scriptures.

We talked for a few minutes and then dispersed to eat breakfast, shower and begin our day.

I decided I wanted to go spend some time with Mom and have lunch with Phylly.

Mom was the same as usual this morning.  She opened her eyes and looked at me.  When I asked her if she was hungry, she said audibly, "No."  I don't know HOW she is hanging on.  Jerry's youngest brother, Don, is driving here tomorrow.  I suggested that he and Jerry go get the other brother, Bob, and all three go to see Mom.  Sometimes, a person will fight to live until all goodbyes have been said.  Bob doesn't want to see her, but that is just selfish.  He is going if Jerry has to drag him!  Jerry agrees.  I couldn't start to tell you all Leanida has done for both of Jerry's brothers.  One brother is thankful.  The other talks terrible about her.

I came back home to make more pillow cases for Rhonda to give to the hospital for the children.  Remember the lady who is collecting 900 homemade pillow cases?  She has over 800 now.  It is amazing.  I have sent 10, so far, and I have 7 more ready to go.  I will try to make 3 more tomorrow morning.  I am going to pray a special blessing over each one of mine so the child that receives it will know someone cares for them and is praying.

At SOME point today, I received a text from Jeannie telling me the preacher's name that will do Mom's service.  His name is Rev. Leon Seaton.  He has a small church in a very small town near where Mom lives.  Jeannie had mentioned in her text that the preacher was going to go by the Hospice House tonight to pray for Mom.  His wife, Roberta, knew Mom and had worked with her in a hospital many years ago.  She even knew Mom's nick-name:  Bernie.  Roberta and Mom are both nurses.

I called the Reverend to introduce myself and ask what we could do to help him.  We talked for a minute, and I guess I was too inquisitive because he said, "Hold on.  I'm going to put my wife on."  So I "met" Roberta.  She sounded very friendly and began asking me about relatives I never heard of.  She is related to someone who is related to a cousin -- or something.  I had a hard time following.  I don't even know my OWN cousins, never mind Jerry's.  I told Roberta I would like for Jerry and I to be there when they went to visit Mom.  She thought that was a great idea.  After further discussion, we decided to meet for dinner at a restaurant, and then all go to see Mom.  GREAT IDEA!

The Reverend and Roberta arrived at Longhorn first and got a table for four.  We arrived shortly thereafter and joined them.  They were very quiet at first, and Roberta was giving me a CLOSE looking over.  Perfectly normal.  I was looking them over too.

They were both gray-haired.  He was 8 years older than Jerry we learned in conversation.  She was short, like Phylly.  He was a jolly-looking guy with a Santa Claus tummy and suspenders.  He kept fiddling with his ear, so he must wear a hearing aid.  He seemed to hear just fine though because he commented on everything I said.  

We weren't there ten minutes when the Reverend looked at me and joked, "Do you ever have trouble saying what you think?"

Actually, I felt right "at home" with them.  Before long, we were all talking and laughing and having a great time.  The preacher decided I was quite a character, and he said he would think about things I had said all night long.  He asked why I didn't do the service myself instead of having him do it.  I told him the family would NOT want me to do it and would never dream of asking me.  I would actually be very comfortable doing it.  I can talk all day long about Leanida, about Jesus and about Heaven.  That is what I was doing at dinner, and that is why he made that remark.

After dinner we drove over to visit Mom.  Mom, for the first time, did NOT open her eyes or try to talk.  They must have sedated her just before we arrived.  We all touched her and held hands with each other while the Reverend prayed a lovely prayer.  After that, he started singing Jesus Loves Me, and we all joined in.  It was just like when I was growing up.  People were always gathering around Mother at the piano and singing hymns.  Perfectly comfortable for me.

The Reverend gave me his email address and asked that the family send him stories about Mom that he could include in his talk at the service.  Great idea!  I must go now and start making some notes for him.  I am really feeling good about Mom's service.  It will be a joyful going-home celebration.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. He sounds like a hoot! It didn't take him long to figure you out;-).

    I'm glad you are going to tell stories about Nida. That was absolutely the best part of my mother's funeral. Some were funny and some made us cry, but it was wonderful to remember her as she was before Alzheimer's took her away from us.

    Hugs, Phylly


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