Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Good Wednesday Evening

Just stopped by to say HI!

Not much excitement today.

I took Jackie for the first time to Country Clippers for a bath, toenail trim, ear cleaning and some gland thing I hear is nasty.

I have the table and the nooses and the trimmers, so when Jerry gets back from Edmond, we will try to give her a not-too-horrible trim.  I really like her hair long because it is soft and silky, but it is easier to keep clean and cooler when it is shorter.

I never DREAMT it would be so satisfying to have a dog of my own.  Our girls had a few when they were growing up, but they were mostly a nuisance to me.  They were outdoor dogs, and they didn't know any tricks at all.  If it wasn't for Phylly and You Tube, Jackie wouldn't know any either.

One Christmas, we bought two solid black miniature poodle puppies for our girls.   I remember Jeree trying to get her puppy, Amy, to jump through a hula hoop.  Her solid black puppy turned completely gray in just a few months.  I couldn't believe it!

Tammy named her puppy Black Beauty and we called her "BB" for short.  She stayed solid black.

Some time after BB was grown, Tammy and I were taking her for a walk in our neighborhood.  We did not have her on a leash.  She was running back and forth across the street from yard to yard.  We had walked several blocks when we noticed a lady backing out of her driveway and then driving down the street towards us.  BB was running all over the place.  We tried to control her without success.  BB darted right out into the street IN FRONT OF THE LADY'S CAR.  The lady slammed on her brakes.  She stopped her car and got out.  She walked over to us in tears.  She told us she was taking a casserole to someone who was sick, and the casserole was all over the floor board of her car.

I felt so sorry for the lady, and I was FURIOUS at that dog!  If I COULD have caught her, I would have strangled her!  We eventually gave her to a nice older couple who traveled in a motor home.

I was young and not nearly as educated about such things as I am now.  I should have had the dog on a leash.  I should have followed the lady home and offered to clean up her car.  I could have helped her cook another casserole.  I feel worse about it now than I did then because I didn't do anything but continue to holler at the dog and chase her from house to house the whole way home.

Jerry says a Thunder game is on.  OH BOY!  They play practically EVERY night.  I'm glad he enjoys the games, but to me, it just doesn't make good sense to run across the room -- throw the ball -- turn around and run back where you came from -- throw the ball -- turn around and run back to the other side -- throw the ball -- turn around, and around, and around, and around --  a zillion times!

There are NO sewing machines, NO fabric to be sewn, NO patterns, NO thread.  When you get done playing, you don't have anything new to wear!

I just don't get it.

Gotta go.  Hope you are all enjoying your week.  The weather has been divine down here in southern Oklahoma.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Two things I really hate to see is a dog off the leash just running around and the second one is a dog running around in the back of a pick up. That makes me furious with the dog's owner. I had a dog fall out of a pick up in front of me. Thankfully, I was watching and was really afraid that would happen so I stayed way back. Another time a dog jumped out of the back of a pick up in front of us. It makes me want to go up to the driver of the truck and stick my finger in his face and tell him if he had the good sense that God gave the dog he wouldn't put the dog in the back of the pick up. Makes me so mad!

    Yikes! I've got to get to work!

    Have a great day!

    Hugs, Phylly


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