Monday, September 8, 2014

Dirt in the Hole

Hello everyone.  I came up to our Edmond home today to check on some yard work I hired our lawn mower people to do.  They will do just about anything I ask them to do, HOWEVER, I am never sure if they interpreted my English properly.

One of them can only say one sentence:

"YES!  I understand!!!"

You can say, "I need you to rent a rocket and fly to the moon."

"YES!  I understand!!!"

"You are very skinny, and your pants are falling down."

"YES!  I understand!!!"

"I have called you three times and you never answered your phone!"

"YES!  I understand!!!"

Turns out, they didn't understand what I wanted them to do this time AT ALL!

We had a big tree cut down several months ago by a company that does that.  There was a very big mound of dirt up around the aforesaid tree, and it needed to be moved.

It so happens that we also just got a new fence in the back yard.  There was a place in the corner where the two fences come together where there was a large gap under the fence. Jackie could have crawled under it if she had tried.

SO, I asked Juan (our lawn mower guy) weeks ago if he could dig up the dirt from the mound in the front yard and MOVE it to the CORNER BEHIND THE HEDGE in the back yard to fill in the gap under the fence.

Juan doesn't say much.  He just looks at you and shakes his head up and down as if to say "Yes".   He called me last week when I was at the other house after I had texted him several times and said, "My men go there today."  

When I arrived today -- six days later -- I noticed immediately that Juan had not been here yet to do anything.

I called him.  No answer.  He NEVER answers!  I texted him.  No response.  He did show up, however, about 3 hours later with his teenage son.  I went out to talk to him.  I asked him to please move the bricks that where blocking the hole.  We talked about Jackie.  I said something to his son. Then I went back in the house.

I looked out the window a few times and saw them shoveling -- putting dirt in a wheelbarrow -- and moving the wheelbarrow to the back yard.  The house blocked my view of the corner where the dirt was SUPPOSED to be going.

I never went back out again because if I am out there, they always think I need to talk to them, and they won't go back to work until I leave.  After they left, I went out in the back yard to see how it looked.


The bricks were still there under the fence!

The hole under the fence in the corner was still there!

I walked all over the back yard to try to find the dirt they had moved from the front yard.  It appears they put it around the other side of the fence that was just fine and didn't need it.


Anyway, that has been my day.  Not too exciting.  Tomorrow, I am meeting Phylly for lunch, so it will be much more fun.

I'm going to sew some knit tops while I'm here.  I'll take pics and maybe a video.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Maybe you need to try the Rosetta Stone language program in Spanish.

    See you tomorrow.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Instead of "lost in translation" you have to demonstrate what to do. Go to the fence pick up a brick, and wak it to wherever you want them put, while wildly gesturing and pointing where they should be placed. Then go over to the dirt pile indicating that it goes to the fence hole. You pick up a handful of dirt and put it in the hole. I know this sounds so crazy but it worked when I had shrub replacements done. Even comparing leaves was part of this insane exercise, but they got it right! I know it's too late for the botched job for you, but wanted to give you a tip without you having to pay for foreign language lessons! LOL. That money is better spent on fabric. Hope this helps in the future.
    Nancy Jo


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