Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Today, my hubby turns 68 years young!  I told him to go out and look at his new truck and all of its accessories and enjoy his birthday.

I did send him two Blue Mountain birthday cards, but ....

I was standing by his computer when he opened them.

He had NO SOUND, so the birthday cards didn't work right.

I had to ask him to turn his sound on and watch them again.

I need to plan something special for his dinner tonight.  I think I have some steaks in the freezer.

Hold on while I run and get the steaks out of the freezer.........


I'm back.

NO STEAKS anywhere!  All I could find was chicken breasts and hamburger meat.  Looks like I'll have to go to town for some birthday groceries.

MAYBE I will bake a cake.

Hold on while I run to the pantry....

NO!  No cake either!

It is sure going to be a boring birthday if I don't get out of this chair and head to the grocery store.

I missed a post yesterday and Sunday, BUT I have to tell you that Matthew Hagee preached the most MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL sermon.

It was entitled "When was God at His best?"

I thought that was the strangest title!  I thought to myself, "God is ALWAYS at His best.  He never changes."  I couldn't wait to hear what Matthew had to say.  It truly was wonderful.

You may remember -- if I told you -- that Jerry's brother has been here for his third attempt at rehab from drug and alcohol addiction.  When he is here I INSIST that he go to church on Sunday which is upstairs on our big screen via the internet.  He was supposed to stay for 30 days, but he headed back to his house this morning.  We begged him to stay, but he said he just could not handle our Christian beliefs.

How SAD is that????

Anyway, Matt's sermon this Sunday was straight from the Throne of Almighty God for Don.  I thought SURELY, it would hit him like a lightning bolt and awake his diseased spirit.

MAYBE it did.  MAYBE that is what made him so uncomfortable.  I don't know.  We have been praying for him for 40 years.  SURELY, God is at work in his messed up heart and mind.  He is very ill from all the abuse his body has been through.  Blood pressure 227 over 127.  We expect him to just konk out any moment!  He has been to the doctor and the ER.  They just send him home. Probably don't want to mess with his addiction.  I don't know.

You may recall, we buried Jerry's other younger brother just a few months back.  He died an alcoholic.  We pray Jerry's only other sibling doesn't meet the same fate.

If you want to hear the awesome message by Matt, you can hear it at www.getv.org.  Just click around until you find last Sunday's sermon.

I better get going.  I'll be back tomorrow.

Have a FABULOUS day!

Hugs, Joy


  1. After the year the two of you have had, this is one very special birthday! Congratulations to both of you :) Here's to many more!!!!!


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