Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lunch w/Phylly and Manhunt at JCP

Here it is Tuesday night, and I am all alone with Jackie.  I'm washing some "1/2 price" fabric I bought from Silhouette Patterns that they charged me FULL price for.  This has happened to me several times there.  Be SURE to check the pricing if you buy fabric from there.

I redrew a Sure-fit Designs knit top pattern this afternoon.  I will make it tomorrow.  This one will be sleeveless with a rounded neckline.  I am making it to go UNDER the dark blue jacket I made.  I might do a little video since I'm in town where the internet is really fast.

I met Phylly for lunch today.  Margaret has company from OOT so I haven't even told her I'm here yet.  I'm HERE, Margaret!

Poor Phylly has been without air conditioning at her house since last Friday.  I don't know how she has stood it.  I have invited her to come stay with me, but she says she feels guilty leaving her family. The new AC is supposed to be put in tomorrow.

After lunch I went to J C Penney to return some earrings I purchased for some insane reason the day I was shopping with Jerry for a watch.   It was marked down from $58 to $17, so I thought I was getting a good deal.  When I got home and put the earring in my ears, I decided they weren't worth 5 cents!

AS ALWAYS at J C Penney, I had to go on a wide area search to find a clerk.

I finally tracked a lady down clear across the room that looked like she was shopping, but I thought I would take a chance that she might work there.

She did.  She walked with me all the way back to the cash register at the jewelry counter.

Fortunately, I had remembered to grab the brand new J C Penny card out of my wallet when I got out of my car.  We got it the day we bought Jerry's watch because you got an additional 20% off.

The clerk put the info in the computer and asked me to scan my card.

I pulled out the card to scan it and noticed that I had grabbed the Lowe's card -- NOT the JCP card!

I had to run all the way back out to my car to get the right card.  Before I left, I asked the clerk if she would BE THERE when I returned.  "Yes", she said.

I RAN to my car -- I grabbed the JCP card -- I RAN back into the store and over to the counter. Guess who was there????


I had to go on ANOTHER wide area search to find the clerk again!

Finally, I got all of that accomplished.  I decided it wouldn't hurt me to walk around the store for a bit and get some exercise.  I walk very fast even when I don't need to.  J C Penney does carry my favorite Lee Classic Fit jeans, so I walked over to the opposite faraway corner where I knew they would be.  I assumed they wouldn't have my size because they hardly ever do, but SURPRISE, SURPRISE -- they had about 10 pair in my size!  I was SO EXCITED!  PLUS, they were on sale.  I picked out 6 pair and went to buy them.

When I got to the counter to buy the jeans, I asked the clerk if there was a discount if I used my JCP card.  She said that there was a coupon on the internet I could use.  I asked her if I could bring it up on my Iphone.  "Yes", she said.  Only problem was, my Iphone was in the car.

SOOOOOOOOOOO, out I RAN again to my car.

I got my phone and took it back into the store. That saved me $40 and hopefully, burned off a few calories at the same time.

It is almost Jackie's bedtime.  I need to get her in -- check her paws -- shnuggy her face and tell her how pretty she is -- and put her to bed.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Our JCP has plenty of workers, but they chopped the store up and turned it into a maze. I can never figure out how to get back to where I entered. It is worse than Ikea for getting lost inside!


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