Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To Make a Picture Quilt

Good MORNING everyone!

I have a few hours before I have to rush into my work day.  I have company coming over at 11:30 because they want to try a sample of my shakes that helped me lose weight.  Gigi and Tyler.  Tyler is 13 years old, and he doesn't need to lose any weight.  Gigi, his grandmother/mother is short and tiny, and she doesn't need to lose any either.  They insist they want to try them though.  IF they allow me, I MAY take a video.

Jerry and I went back to TRY Jubilee last night.  It is a week long.  We sat in the FARTHEST BACK seat you could sit in with our friends, and it was WAY BETTER!  I loved it.  We bounced and danced to the praise and worship music, and I think I may have sweated off another pound.

I snapped this pic from way back where we were sitting.  The first night, we were five rows back from that stage.  The music was deafening!

Carol asked me several days ago to talk about how I made the picture quilt for Jerry.  Let me show you a few still shots of it first.

Here it is with the longarm blocking a bit of it.

Here is the block I talk about in the video.  I mentioned how I added words to all of the pictures.  Jerry really liked that.  He LOVES this quilt!  You will notice I wasn't very good with the longarm at that time.  I had not had it very long.  I think this was the 2nd quilt I did on it.  I sewed squiggles around a lot of the pics so they wouldn't move.  Some were ironed on and some were sewn on when I made the quilt.

Here is a block that shows four of our grandchildren practicing for the Hula Hoop contest.  They practiced for hours and hours, believe it or not.
 Here is one of me.  My hair was NOT red.  Pictures of pictures aren't very good sometimes.
And here is one of our granddaughter, Lauren, fishing with her Papa.  She REFUSED to do any fishing or touch a fish UNTIL I told her we would pay her a quarter for every fish she caught.  She fished FOR DAYS!  Before the visit was over, she was baiting her own hook!   This picture is quite faded.  Maybe it wasn't real good quality to start with.  My camera back then didn't have many pixels per inch.
And here is our youngest grandson, Walker, getting a ride on the 4-wheeler.

And here is the NOT SO GREAT video I made for you, Carol.  I had a sneeze attack in the middle of it, and I had to pause the video.  When I got back, I forgot where I left off.

I've been meaning to tell you all this forever: 
Did you know that you can watch my videos at Youtube in High Definition?  Click on Youtube in the little video that starts playing when you click on the triangle above.  When the video starts, you will see at the lower right hand side a row of icons.  If you click on the little COG, it will open up and give you choices of quality of the video.  Choose 720.  YAY!

I've got to go.

I'll be back soon.

Let me know what you think about making a picture quilt.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hello Joy
    I loved your video about the picture quilt. When you were telling us about the grandkids coming for a visit because of all the things at your house that the kids enjoyed, you mentioned having a mule. I had a good laugh because I'm sure there are some who don't realize that you don't mean a real animal. LOL

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