Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Could SCREAM and Another VLOG

Don't you HATE - HATE - HATE having to call about insurance?  I am going on Medicare effective 8-1-15, and I have had to make a dozen phone calls to change from regular insurance to "granny" insurance.

I started today at 2 PM by calling BCBS to ask them a VERY SIMPLE question.

"Did they receive my application for supplemental insurance?"

It is now 3:37 PM, and I JUST hung up from talking to the FIFTH person who I had to tell my name, my address, my phone, my email and my birth date to.  Over an hour and a half!!!  I just wanted them to add a prescription plan on to my insurance policy because my husband said I should have done that.  I had to listen to Anthony somebody who spoke poor English READ the ENTIRE contract to me over the phone.  I had to answer "Yes" every time he read something to me.

He would say, "Did you understand that?"

I would say, "No!"

He would say, "You need to say "Yes"!"

So I would say "Yes"!"

Over and over and over, he kept asking me questions.  I went downstairs.  I made a snack.  I let the dogs outside because they had to come inside until the exterminator's bug spray dried on the grass.  I ate my snack.  I turned on my laptop.  I checked my email.  All the while, Anthony kept "axing" me questions.

I do not know HOW an unhealthy or hard-of-hearing person would ever get through all of it.

I MAY or MAY NOT have a drug plan.  Anthony said if I didn't answer those questions right, I could get hauled off to prison -- or something just as sinister.  I have to pay some sort of penalty if I don't get a drug plan.  I don't take any prescription drugs at all and neither does Jerry.  WHAT A HASSLE!

I made another little video this morning to show you my latest project and to get your opinion on something.  Here it is:  (WARNING:  25 seconds of NOTHING at the beginning.  I have NO IDEA why!)

Since the exterminator man came today and walked right into my house without knocking or asking (HOW RUDE!), and then he sprayed my entire yard and all around the house, and then I was on the phone all that time, I didn't get one more stitch into that blouse.  It is still on Lucy.  I'm not in the mood to start on it now, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Think I'll go out and clean off my swings and douse them with OFF.

Did you notice the big red circle on my shoulder?  Something ate my arm last night while I was swinging.  I'm so glad the exterminator came today.

OH!  If you are interested, here is the link to Peggy's wonderful Culotte video:
(The beginning may be blank for a bit, and then she starts with questions.  Just move the slider over a bit 'til you see her start showing the culottes.)

I love Peggy, but I don't care much for her patterns.  I have so many fitting issues with them, and the directions have errors that she doesn't fix even if she knows about them.

I do NOT like the blouse she has on AT ALL!  Do you?  Looks like somebody's skirt blew off and flew across a parking lot and wrapped itself around half her body.  Weird!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Welcome to ObamaCare (and medicare)...... I have another couple of years of freedom left with just my regular insurance--oh how I dread the change.............

  2. I'm on Medicare and it was an easy transition. The two supplemental policies I have had have both the supplemental insurance and the prescription insurance all in one. I didn't have to sign up for part D. If you don't sign up for part B and part D at age 65 there is a monthly penalty for life. If you are already covered by another insurance there is no penalty as long as you transfer from one to the other directly. We had Anthem Blue Cross and now have a local HMO. We have signed up for Medicare Advantage plans. They keep talking about cancelling them, but so far haven't done it.

  3. Joy Sure, go for the culottes. Don't think I would like pants in that large flower print.....not an age thing just don't think it would work. Someone else might love it.
    Happy 4th and Happy Birthday to your soldier.

  4. Never had a problem with supplement agent just put me on a good plan thru Anthem Blue Cross and a drug plan thru United Healthcare...smooth transition all the way... I pay around $ 200.00 a month for both. I don't know if Obama Care will put a wrench in this later or not..


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