Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Strange New Vogue Top and Turtles

I told you I would show you my new top, so here it is.

This is Vogue 9004.

My husband said it looks VERY STRANGE -- like something is tucked IN that should be OUT.  I'm sure this won't be my favorite top, but I will wear it.  I may wear it tomorrow to go shopping with Terry for fabric and a hamburger in McKinney, TX.

Here is a little video I made a few days ago before I got on the subject of abused children.  I notice I lost two followers.  I think they were expecting a quilting blog and were probably shocked when they stopped by the last few days and found me on my Soap Box.

Here is a still of Vogue 9004.

It really is strange.
Depending on what time Terry and I get back from our trip tomorrow, I'll be back either tomorrow or the next day with an update on the turtles.

I noticed on the pattern of Follow Me there was a website for the designer.  It is www.ocaroldesigns.com.  I found my turtle quilt there, and I found this darling quilt too.  I think I have seen this one made up somewhere.  It is called Standing Room Only.  I've got to find some fabric that looks like snow and ice tomorrow.  Notice how one of the penguin wings goes OUTSIDE the border.  So cute!

Oh!  Here is Follow Me.  Wish I could see the quilting on top.

This quilt is SO MUCH PRETTIER in person.  (How can a quilt be a "person"?)

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, when I first read what you wrote about that blouse I was expecting something really awful. But wow I really really love it. I am going to try and get that pattern. The fabric looks good with the jeans too. I go through times where I let things get on my nerves too. I guess it is just thinking too hard on a subject. But your heart is in the right place Joy. Anyway on the subject of quilting. I found three packages of a stamped pattern for a quilt at a yard sale. What you do is take embroidery floss and cross stitch the pattern and then quilt it. I don't know exactly how old they were but I just wanted to try and see if I could finish it. There are six panels per package and so far I have finished one package. I don't care to watch TV with my husband and cross stitching is relaxing for me. TV for me is over. Too much PC agenda going on for me. So I have rambled enough.

  2. Charlotte,
    I totally agree. I hate to watch TV too. I have to have something else to do. Used to love to cross stitch but had to quit because I couldn't see good enough. I have several pieces here in the house I did years ago. Would love to see what you have done! Thanks for the compliment on my blouse!
    Hugs, Joy

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  4. I really like your top in that fabric, Joy. I made the pattern in two different fabrics and HATED IT!!!, Your fabric choice is much better. Also, those are really perfect batik colors for your turtle quilt!

  5. Love the top Joy. Did you really put a zipper in it? I confess, I didn't watch the video!! Looks very good on. I think that might be a sleeper pattern?

  6. Wow Joy your new top is fabulous the fabric works really well,
    I must say your super trim figure always looks good in what you make.

  7. Hi Joy It has taken me awhile to get used to the uneven hemlines. I like this one and the fabric too. It dresses up the jeans...my every day wear. Hope you and Terry had a fun day shopping.

  8. Will try this again. My fitst comment flew out the window. I love the fabric but not crazy about the design of the top. I know I'm getting old but when I first started seeing the designs with lopsided hems and crooked necklines I thought designers were getting desperate for something new but some I have seen I do like. Very few. However you always look good in anything you wear or make. I look forward to your blog and agree with you about the children. Sound off anytime you want. It's good to hear someone bring attention to it.

    1. Thanks Ramona! It is good to get it off my chest, even if it makes waves. I've lost very good friends over this "talent" of mine, but sometimes, things need to be said whether the hearer wants to hear them or not. Someone was just telling me today about a relative in her life who constantly complains about a daughter that never moved out and takes major advantage of her Mother, BUT the Mother created the problem and refuses to do anything about it but complain. You finally get so sick of hearing it, you say something. No matter how right you are, you are the rejected one -- not the problem child who never leaves home. In this case, the "child" is in her 50's!!!
      Hugs, Joy


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