Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Terry's Bargello ALL DONE!

Some of you may have already seen the video I made as Terry was removing her finished Bargello quilt from the longarm.

If not,

here it is:

The quilt is really something.  I am not easily impressed when it comes to quilts, but THIS ONE really was exciting to watch.  Terry's husband loved it.  My husband loved it.  Terry wants to write a book on Bargello quilts with her OWN patterns in it.  WOW!

Here is a still of the quilt on my grandson's bed.

Terry went to Tulsa today and delivered the quilt to her sister, Melinda.

Melinda sent me a short video thanking ME -- I don't know what for -- and saying she loves it.  Actually, I do believe some of my thread quilted it.  I may have to try a Bargello some day soon.  (I tried to show you the very short video, but it won't work.)

Melinda really loves the quilt.  It will go on her bed at her Florida home according to Terry.

Gotta run.  TV time with hubby.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love your enthusiasm and joie de vivre! Really true to your name :) Love to watch (and listen) to your videos while sewing or crocheting - keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Joy, I showed my husband the pic of Terry's quilt and he was amazed and thought it was fantastic. Congrats to her again. Oh, oh..oh, about your jewelry making. I too like Jill Wiseman for the same reason..., she shows her face. However sometimes i get a little frustrated because she Demonstrates a procedure and doesn't realize that she went off camera, so you don't know what she did. I still want to see your square/round gold bracelet when finished. Will you be making some earrings to match... That would be so cute.


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