Saturday, July 18, 2015

Turtle Quilt Top All Done and Terry's Bargello Beauty

Here is a real short video showing you the turtles waiting for me to get them on the longarm.

Terry came over today and put her gorgeous KING SIZE Bargello quilt on.

A photo does NOT do this quilt justice at all.  

Remember all those strips we cut on the AccuQuilt machine?  This is what they look like now.  I LOVE the yellow in this quilt.  I told Terry it looks like a glass of lemonade with cherries in it!

Did you notice the brunette in the picture over by the kitchen?  She keeps on coming over SAYING she is Terry, but I do NOT believe it for one minute.

We all KNOW that Terry is a gorgeous RED HEAD!  I told this imposter that I want the REAL TERRY back again!  She says she is working on it.  (-:

TV time with hubby.  Early church tomorrow and then breakfast at IHOP with Terry and Doug.  I'm working on the PRETTIEST bracelet ever, and Terry will probably come over tomorrow afternoon to finish the Bargello.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I enjoy seeing you put the quilt together. Kudos to you, I am not a quilter. My forte is garment sewing. I have made a few placemats, as a Christmas present. It was a challenge, it took me a whole month.
    So enjoy it look so effortless to you
    Thanks for sharing
    Josie RN

  2. Oh my can't believe how fast you both finished your quilt tops. They are both VERY nice. I will look at this type of applique a little differently now. The turtles and coral are... wow!


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