Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One of "Those" Days and Quilt Stuff for Sale at ETSY

Hi friends!

My Etsy store is very strange.  Fortunately, one of you figured out how to find it and bought my cat quilt.  Thank you!  I will mail it tomorrow.  Etsy is so new to me, I don't understand the lingo.  It says I haven't been paid yet; but in another place, it says the buyer has paid.

I'm getting ready to list the Route 66 quilt patterns.  There are 8 of them.  I'm never going to make that quilt again, and it is no longer available.  I thought someone might like to make it.  I love mine.  I made copies of all the applique pages, so the original pages are all still in the packets.  I have some of the fabrics left over too.   I didn't use the border fabric at all.  I made up my own.

Here is a video I made of the completed Route 66 blocks BEFORE they were quilted if anyone is interested in seeing what the patterns are for.  I changed a lot of the blocks with my Artista embroidery software, so they won't be in the pattern like they are in my quilt.  (This video has appeared before in one of my blog posts.)

I have also listed four of the CUTEST paper-pieced horses.  I found them in a box while organizing yesterday.  I love them, but again, I have no child to finish a horse quilt for.  Plenty of fabric left to make some more.  This is a hard paper piecing project IN MY OPINION.  So pretty though.

Do any of you have people in your life who cause you great heartache even though you truly love them?

I suppose everyone does.  It just doesn't seem fair that a person -- or persons -- would have such animosity toward me when I don't have it toward them -- other than what they IMAGINE.  This has nothing to do with a friend, just to be clear.  Anyway, I made a tiny step toward communicating today, and I got hit with a huge clap of thunder in return.  Honestly!  All I did was ask for an address so I could send a small surprise I found while organizing my attic space today.  It shall RETURN to the attic for another hundred years.

I think we have to accept the fact that some relationships just can't be fixed.  Or do we!  What about all those sermons I hear?  Especially, from Joel Osteen.  I'll just have to put that painful issue back into God's hands and leave it there.  Wish the hurt would go away while I'm waiting.

I'm also sad because my daughter didn't make it today.  She got as far as the gas station, and her car started acting up.  She was afraid to drive it, and I certainly didn't want her driving a car that wasn't working right.  Later today, she and her husband realized that it is their wedding anniversary!  How CRAZY this day is!

I had bought a roast to fix tonight since my daughter and her husband were supposed to be here.  I went ahead and fixed it with all the trimmings.  Jerry got home from work and sat down to eat.  He barely touched his dinner.  It could have been boiled string for all he noticed.  I fed his to the dogs.  He said he was tired.  He changed his clothes and has been asleep on our bed ever since.  This is VERY unusual, and I'm kind of stressed over that too.

Tomorrow will be a GREAT DAY, I'm sure -- for me and for you too!

Something GOOD is going to happen!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy,

    so happy u sold your quilt at etsy, you are very talented sewista. I am sure you will do great. Yes, I agree with you some relationships will not work out. And it's ok. I have learned to move on, it was hard in the beginning, or when I am alone and start thinking about it. Talking about it helps.
    Thanks for sharing
    Josie RN

  2. Aw, Joy. I am so sorry. I have a few days like you had today. That's when I attempt to give all to God. He knows best even when I don't (very thankfully!). Although I still hurt from the rejection of lost friends and family, I take comfort in knowing I have done all I can humanly do and that is giving the to the care of my Lord.
    you are one of the most faithful people I know. So...I know God will lead you where you need to go!

    Bless you today and every day.


  3. Hope Jerry is OK. Try Havening for the hurt you feel. It is very effective and may make it easier for you. You can google it if you haven't come across it.

  4. Hello Joy,
    I have been reading your blog now for about 2 years and really enjoy it! I found you by searching great sewing rooms on google and went to images and there you were! Your name truly suits you - I always look forward to updates on your blog and absolutely enjoy your videos. In spite of your challenges and disappointments in your life you remain faithful, cheerful and I so admire you for that. Your faith gives me strength and I am sure I am not the only one! You are lovely in every way and please know that you bring inspiration and joy more than you might imagine! Wishing you great love and happiness always,
    L. in Utah


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