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VLOG for 8-28-15 Re: Manikin, Fabric and Hancock's

Since some of you ask me a lot for videos, I did another VLOG for today.

My mouth just starts up, and I never know what is going to come out.  Today, I talk about clothes that are too big -- how I messed up my duck tape manikin -- and the lovely Hancock's store here in Edmond, OK.

IF you just watched that video, you heard about the dark, gloomy Hancock's store and the RUDE clerk, whom I shall hereinafter call "Rudy", that plays deaf when you talk to her.


I returned to that Hancock's a few hours ago to buy more of that skirt fabric and something to match it for a top.  Rudy was there putting on her "I couldn't care less about the customers" act, and not only that, she was chewing gum.  In my opinion, that is rude.

There was one lady cutting fabric behind the FOUR cutting tables.  Two other clerks -- one being Rudy, were playing like they did not notice all the extra customers waiting to have fabric cut.  I looked across the room at Rudy, and I made eye contact with her letting her know we ladies needed help.  She turned and walked off.  I looked at the other lady too.  The other lady was actually putting fabric back where it went, but Rudy was doing NOTHING but hiding and chewing her bubble gum.

Finally, the one lady who was cutting fabric called for help from the other girls.  Rudy had hidden herself sufficiently that the other lady had to quit what she was doing and come over to cut.  The first clerk lady who had a lovely hairdo of half her head shaved, and the other half having long hair, looked up to direct the several ladies who HAD BEEN standing there.  They were all gone but me.  No wonder!

The clerk that came to help me was quite nice, although it was obvious she was very new.  The scissors she was using could barely cut butter, and she struggled cutting my fabric.  She said, "One of these days I'm going to have to invest in some scissors that cut."  I asked if she had to buy them herself.  She said she would if she wanted good ones.

After I got my three pieces of fabric cut, I went to the cash register.  UNLUCKY for me -- for sure! -- Rudy arrived to check me out.  She asked me for my phone number.  I said "4 0 5", but she ignored me.  She looked away and around and did NOTHING with my phone number, so I didn't even say the rest of it.  She then started messing with my fabric.

I said, "Didn't you want my phone number?"   NO ANSWER.

She started scanning my fabric, and I put my cell phone on the counter where she could see it, and I showed her the Hancock's coupons.  There were three of them.  She said, "We can't use those."  I asked her IF I couldn't use them, WHY did Hancock's send them to me????????"  She ignored me.

She began blowing large bubbles with her bubble gum.  My blood started boiling!

I was remembering my x-friend and how she thought I was a horrible human being if I ever corrected a clerk or a nurse for misbehavior, and how she had told me that would force them to be even worse in the future.

I decided that if everyone went by that belief, NOTHING would ever get fixed in our world.

I asked her again about the coupons because I wanted to use them.  She said, "I can't scan those."  (I go to Hancock's OFTEN when I'm here, and they have always scanned them in the past, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.)

She continued looking anywhere but at me as she kept blowing bubbles with her bubble gum.  She was fiddling with flyers and brochures.  I GUESS she was looking for coupons to scan.

I asked her AGAIN if she needed my phone number.  NO ANSWER.

Finally, I had my fill of this rude clerk.  I told her, "You are the RUDEST clerk who has EVER waited on me.   You don't answer me when I ask you a question, and you are blowing bubbles with your gum!  I would like to know your name."  (She should have been wearing it, but wasn't.)

She said, "I'm not blowing the bubbles AT YOU!"

I asked her if I was INVISIBLE.  I pointed out that I WAS her customer and she WAS waiting on me -- or, at least, should have been.

I asked her again for her name as I was writing down times and dates and location on a piece of paper.  She just ignored me and stared across the room.  I told her I would have to snap her picture then.  She said that was NOT allowed.

She came up with a total that was WRONG because she had not applied any coupons.  After much arguing over that, she finally figured out how to use the coupons and came up with a total.  She then motioned for me to slide my credit card.

I told her I wasn't paying until I knew her name.  I told her she was supposed to be WEARING her name on an I.D. badge.

She finally decided she had had her fill of me, and she turned to the clerk with the half-shaved head who was then at the other register, and she asked if they could SWITCH customers.  That lady agreed and walked over to me.

I then met Gaynelle who also had no identification on, but turned out to be the store manager.  She was very embarrassed at Candice's (I now knew her name) behavior, and she apologized profusely.  I explained that I had shopped at this store for 20 years, and I really loved it at one time.  I told her the names of the previous managers that I had a great relationship with.  I also explained that I was very sad to see the store in such ill repair, such as the lighting.

She then told me that the light bulb guy had just been there the day before to count the burned out lights.  (Remember I had said something about that two days ago.  I bet she heard me.)  She said that when he called headquarters to tell them how many lights he needed, THEY DID NOT BELIEVE HIM!  Over HALF of the lights in the store were burned out!  They sent some other guy to come out and verify it.

They could have just asked me!

I told Gaynelle I really appreciated her taking charge like that.  She apologized for not having her I.D. on and told me they were all supposed to wear it.  She, of course, was glad I was complimenting her after being so unhappy with Rudy.  She wasn't happy with Rudy either, believe me.  She promised me she would talk to her.  I doubt that will do any good with a personality like that, but I'm glad she offered to try to fix the problem.

Some of you probably think I am a wicked witch for confronting Rudy like that, but tell me this:  WHAT good did it do for the other ladies to just drop their goods and walk out of the store?  I own a business, as you know, and I am a stickler for excellent customer service.  If a customer is treated rudely in my store, I -- the owner -- want to know about it.

No customers.  No business!  Pretty simple.

Gotta get.  Jerry is coming tomorrow with Jackie and Josie.  I have to straighten up this house and make a path through all the fabric scraps!!!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I am a former Hancock's employee. Unfortunately our store was closed due to the corporation going through bankruptcy. The store manager went above and beyond her duties to help every customer. As to what you endured there, I would have written the corporate offices and requested the District Manager come and 'clean house' - not withstanding demand someone replace the bulbs. I have a feeling things are not as they were since the 'reorganization'. OTOH, be thankful you still have a Hancock's. .....Lydia

    1. Thanks Lydia.
      This store has had some awesome managers. One of them was Chance. He came from Tulsa. I loved him. He got in trouble for moving the cutting tables around. He was wonderful and the store was always well-managed, organized and clean. They have had 4 new managers that I know of (probably more) since he left. They must not pay much. And, yes, I am very thankful to have access to the fabric and thread.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. Joy We have similar type stores here. So many walk around with sour face and act like you are bothering them. There have been some that are pleasant but they don't last...Anyway your new blouse is very pretty and do love your vlogs. Did your daughter ever start her knitting blog?

    1. I heard one of the employees saying to a customer, "NONE of us sew here." That is certainly no surprise to me!
      Hugs, Joy

  3. Good for you for speaking up. I wish we had a Hancock here in St. Augustine. We only have Walmart and Hobby Lobby. I shopped at Hancock's for years in Cincinnati when I was much younger and loved the store. I will say whenever I go to Hobby Lobby everyone is so friendly. Walmart is a different story, that is if you can find anyone who knows how to cut a yard of fabric. Love the top you are wearing. Can you tell me what pattern? Take care and don't forget your handy dandy flashlight next time.

    1. It really is a serious mess at our Hancock's. It used to be SO NICE and an absolute pleasure to shop there. I used to stay there for hours and talk to the manager and the employees.
      Hugs, Joy

  4. On the bottom of your receipt, there is a Web site address for surveys. Try filing a complaint there, if you do that you will be given a set of numbers for a discount on your next visit, I always write them on my receipt. You have to have it to get information from it to do the survey.

  5. You go girl! I think bad service should be recognized and if we don't then it won't change. My mother says: What you allow will continue. Have a great day Joy! Teresa From WV

    1. Thank you Teresa!
      I agree. You can't expect CHANGE if you don't talk about it.
      Hugs, Joy


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