Sunday, November 22, 2015

Howdy Friends on a Sunday Night

It is after 9 PM Sunday evening.  I am waiting for Jerry to leave our OKC store.  He has been working there all weekend updating all the computers.  He always wants to do everything himself, and it takes FOREVER!  I can't relax until I know he has left that store and is safe back at home.

He said he was leaving in 10 minutes, and he would call me when he left.  That was AN HOUR AGO!

I have already called him three times.  He is going to be aggravated with me if I call again, but I may have to.

It comes from his pharmacy days when we owned two pharmacies.  He was held up several times with a gun pointed in his back or his face.

A robber came in one day and pointed a shotgun in my daughter's face!!!  She was still in High School and worked at our pharmacy part time. The robber ordered her to hand him all the money from the cash register which she was standing in front of.

She turned to her Dad and said, "Should I give it to him?"

GOOD HEAVENS!  Talk about loyalty to the company!

He never could understand WHY I worried all the time after that whenever he was late and didn't call.

YAY!  He just called me.  He is on his way home.  NOW, I can relax and talk to you!

I went to church alone this morning since Jerry is gone, but it was still really good.  I don't know if any of you watch Cornerstone from San Antonio like we do, but am wondering if anyone knows Sandy -- the daughter.  She sings a lot, and she sang today.  She has SUDDENLY lost a TON of weight.  She is very pretty -- even overweight -- but she is really gorgeous now.  I am so happy for her, but I sure would like to know what she did to lose so much -- so fast.  It was almost overnight!

I wanted to show you some of the things I've been doing.  May have already showed you my table scarf, but not sure I showed it to you finished.  It turned out so nice.  It looks like it is too narrow, but it is sitting on a raised area on the top of the table.

I bought more of the fabric so I could make matching napkins and place mats for the bar.  It is a fabulous project because I was able to finally make place mats just the size I wanted them.

Here, you can see the kitchen table and the bar with all the toppings I made.
Yesterday morning, it dawned on my lightning fast mind that I could do a NEW THING with some of my 10 million beads.  

I made napkin rings!

And, that picture reminds me, I am also working on a funny little quilt for Jerry.   He has already seen the panel.  He noticed it right away when it arrived here.  He laughed and said it was TOTALLY TRUE!

The top left and middle right certainly do ring a bell, lol.  Jerry would NEVER, EVER put on a dress for me.  He has, however, gotten on the floor with a yardstick and a pincushion and put hems in my garments.

He has measured me a hundred times while hollering at me constantly, "STAND STILL, JOY!"

Wish they had a cartoon for that.

And, I almost forgot.  I made a very pretty pair of earring with dangling Swarovski crystals for a very dear friend.  Hope she doesn't see them here.  As always, they are so much prettier than a photo can show.

And I've been working for days and days over several weeks on this little number.  It is called "Satellites".  You make a bunch of different components, and then you put them all together.

It still isn't done.

Bed time here.

Have a marvelous week my friends, and join me in praying for peace and safety in America.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Stunning placemats & table-scarf! Love the jewelry!! I am astounded that you can do all these creative things AND keep your house so spotlessly clean.......You must be very organized and motivated! Love it when you keep us up to date on what is happening in your world :) Have a lovely week! Cala

  2. Have finally finished and love my first sure fit design blouse! Thanks for all your advice. Have a great Thanksgiving and as always, I will look forward to your next blog

  3. Have finally finished and love my first sure fit design blouse! Thanks for all your advice. Have a great Thanksgiving and as always, I will look forward to your next blog

  4. Hi Joy, The napkin rings is such a great Idea...I'm gonna have to make some of those myself this week. :-)

  5. Hi Joy, everything looks so pretty the earrings are beautiful and they remind me of the red/gold bracelet you made, you remember the one that you almost lost. I wanted to ask you what pattern you used.

  6. Hi Joy. I like your customized placemats - isn't that what sewing is about - making things to fit you whether it be fashion or home decor. What kind of material did you use? Did you use any interfacing, lining, stiffening in your construction? Thanks.


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