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Sure-fit Designs for BEGINNERS from Glenda

It is early morning here in Southern OK.  I fell asleep early last night, so I am up early this morning.  I asked Glenda, owner of Sure-fit Designs (SFD), to send me her thoughts on SFD FOR BEGINNERS, and this seems to be a good time to share them with you as I drink my first cup of Nantucket Blend.

For those of you who wonder if SFD would work for a BEGINNER, please read Glenda's comments below, and REMEMBER that you don't JUST receive a packet of paper.  You also get excellent customer service directly from the owner, Glenda.

OH!  If you go to her website,, there is a gallery, and you can see LOTS of garments people have made.  If you make one, she will probably put it in the gallery too.  

Hi Joy,

Thanks for accepting my comments on beginners who might want to experience fitting (and sewing) with Sure-Fit Designs.  When anyone new decides to try SFD, I always have to assume some level of sewing experience (even though the person may be a beginner), because as you well know SFD is a fitting solution and not a course on learning how to use a sewing machine to sew clothes.  With that being said, the direction and purpose of my comments will be on pattern work and pattern education and the benefit to the SFD user.

1.    Of all the comments I hear from beginner seamstresses the dominant one is that if they sew a (commercial) pattern to the best of their ability and it doesn’t fit in the end, they get so frustrated that their reaction is to say ‘I hate sewing.’ When in fact, the actual sewing likely isn’t the problem, it’s the resulting poor fit.  Beginners often equate the resulting fit with their sewing skills.  So if the person can begin with a pattern that fits them or at minimum fits them better than any commercial pattern ever would, then that person is generally very happy with their accomplishment and will continue with sewing in general.

2.    Being introduced to a sloper pattern as a beginner is an excellent starting place for any new seamstress for a number of reasons.
a.      Commercial or related patterns can be daunting particularly if inappropriate styles are chosen and therefore are complicated in relation to the person’s ability.
b.    A sloper, SFD in particular, is one shape on one sheet reflecting the shape required for the body.  In its simplest form, it is a basic pants pattern (or bodice/skirt and shirt-style pattern).
c.     Taking measurements and applying them to the master patterns is a straight forward process of connecting their personal measurement dots and not overly challenging.  It’s an excellent starting place for new seamstresses to learn measuring, the importance of accuracy and how that relates from the pattern to the body and ultimately to the success of any sewing project.
d.    Understanding the uniqueness of their individual body shape and the challenges that their body presents can be a rewarding learning experience and when expressed on a sloper vs. manipulating a commercial pattern to fit, this is usually a very rewarding experience.
e.     As mentioned above, many SFD users achieve a fit ‘straight out of the box’ that is so far superior to any commercial pattern.  And if the pattern needs refining then I have always been here to assist if the person needs assistance.  All the person needs to do is ASK.
f.      SFD is committed to education in a number of ways and as you know, offers unprecedented customer care & support.
1.     A library of over 160 free videos to show actual pattern work from measuring, to drafting, to customizing for body challenges like sloping shoulders, sway backs, etc, to designing and even sewing.
2.    Extensive written materials are available for pattern fitting, drafting, designing & sewing instructions (depending on the particular reference).
3.    Extensive DVD/Tutorial assistance is now available for the 3 major SFD Kits.
4.    Effective and knowledgeable phone, Skype, and email assistance for any seamstress, beginner to advanced usually within a 24 hr turn-around (which you have experienced) is available.
Beginner’s can often get off to a much better start when their patterns fit and not everyone needs to do refinements…it simply depends on the person’s shape and their special needs.  As Connie stated, she has never regretted her investment (in SFD), is self-taught and now has become close to a professional.  This goes back some 30 years when I’m sure she was a beginner too.

From my hands–on experiences with my Fit & Sew Retreats, some find the Pants easier than the Bodice pattern.  If I begin my lessons with the Bodice, when we get to the Pants they are a breeze.  And the reverse is true…when I begin with the Pants…the Bodice goes so much quicker and the students are grasping the concepts quicker.  For the beginner, I don’t think one pattern over the other is more challenging – in my 40 years of working in this industry, I have found that it all depends on the body issues any given person might have.
Then Sure-Fit Designs™ fitting system truly can be of tremendous benefit to any level of sewing experience whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced seamstress.

And Glenda asked me for a still of my red blouse for the gallery, so I will post it here:

I hear rumblings below.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Thanks so much! You do encourage me to go back to my 'SFD' 1st blouse to see where I went wrong. It's kind of a disaster but I will keep at it until I perfect it and get beautifully fitted blouses like you wear!

  2. Wow Joy. Was Sure Fit threatening to sue your or something?

    1. No, not at all. When you own a business -- as we do -- it is unfair for anyone to misrepresent the products that you sell. I would hate it if someone said that we only sell red wheelchairs, for instance. In this life, we REAP WHAT WE SOW. I am always very careful to try to state the whole truth, and sometimes, I need to find out more about a subject before I blab about it.
      Hugs, Joy

  3. Joy, I have been sewing since I was a teenager, and now I am in my mid 60's. I don't know when commercial patterns stopped giving me a good fit, but they did and I have been searching and trying for a while to sew for myself again. I have been watching Glenda's videos and then yours. I ordered my kit today!

    1. I am so glad you jumped in the water, Patti! Take it slow and get Glenda's help whenever you have a question. She has a video for every problem that can come up as well. Enjoy the process. The end result is well worth the effort.
      Hugs, Joy


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