Sunday, November 8, 2015

New SFD Blouse with Necklace to Match and THANKS to Diana

Good Sunday evening my friends.  This day has been very full and very busy.  I love to be busy all the time, so that is a good thing.

We started with Cornerstone Church this morning and listened to Matthew preach a fabulous sermon on the Power of God.  He just gets better and better.  What a blessing he is.

Then I finished my new Sure-fit Designs red blouse that goes with the necklace I made last week.

Here is a video for you because I could not get a decent picture:

I get lots of comments from "my people" saying they love my videos, so I keep making them.  You know how I have a major lack of conversation around here, so I have to talk to you via the video cam on the tripod.

Jerry has his birthday boat back from Bass Pro, and he wanted to take it out for a few hours to break it in some more.  I went with him, and we had a really nice time.  He let me drive for awhile, and I was able to figure out the new throttle.  The motor on this boat is SO QUIET, Jerry and I can't figure out if it is ON or OFF.  We are both really loving that!

I want to thank you, Diana, for all your great advice.  I am a person who can take advice, so keep it coming.  Your eyebrow tips are WONDERFUL, and I tried what you said.  The WET brush makes a huge difference.  But, no, I did NOT wet it with my tongue.  I'm feeling so much better about my brows.

And to Connie Ruth.  Yes, I was afraid Glenda might not appreciate my comments to the beginner seamstress.  I do, however, feel that SFD would be difficult for a beginner.  There is a whole lot more to it than just following the dots.  You STILL have to know how to tweak it for all the various issues. I have been VERY, VERY complimentary about SFD because I LOVE it!  Lots of people have bought SFD because of my blog.  I wasn't in any way saying that SFD isn't amazing and wonderful and awesome.  I just don't think it is for a beginner.  I will do a video clarifying.  I'm wearing my latest SFD blouse in the video above.  I learned P&P BEFORE I bought SFD.  Both are great products.

And to Debbie who guessed that I was watching videos on how to do the Two-Step:  Your surprise will be in the mail tomorrow.  I'm wondering if you dance, Debbie.  Actually, she guessed the videos were about dancing.  I called that "close enough".

Time to go.

God bless you all, and have a wonderful week!

Hugs Joy


  1. Hi Joy,
    First of all, I LOVE your red top. The buttons and necklace really dress it up and make it look like a suit. No wonder Jerry likes it. The gadget you may want to consider is a dust buster. The dust bin part looks like a coffee filter and if you use it solely for this type of thing it should stay fairly clean so you could salvage your beads. I purchased Sure Fit designs because of your videos (which caused me to look at Glenda's as well). I have only tried to make the dress one so far and I'm having fit problems so I put it aside for awhile and I haven't contacted Glenda for help yet. Maybe I'll try again this week. Oddly, I can't get my arms into the armholes yet the body of it is more than big enough around and I haven't even tried to put sleeves in it yet. The skirt part fits me really well.
    Can you tell me what kind of camera you use to film your videos---I'm thinking of buying one and your picture quality seems really good.
    I enjoy your videos very much and look forward to the next one.

  2. Dustbusters are great for small jobs like getting beads. For a bigger job hands-free a Roomba robot is wonderful. While it vacuums, you can sew, quilt, or more beading. A wonderful thing to have. Love your creations both in fabrics and beads.

  3. Hi Joy, I love your videos and the instructional comments that you provide make all projects so much easier and enjoyable. I have followed you since the beginning of your blog and always find them very entertaining and informative.....DO NOT CHANGE....Vicky.

  4. Beautiful blouse and necklace combination. You are inspiring.
    I know you have indicated that you are not entirely happy about your well-earned wrinkles. They are evidence of living. They are ok.
    I have a story for you about wrinkles. I got tongue cancer and lost all sorts of weight, leaving me with two wattles on my neck. I liked losing the weight but what a price! My baby granddaughter used to play with them, flop, flop, so they were good for something. Then the cancer came back and during surgery, one wattle disappeared. Well, now I have inadvertantly had a half-a-chin-tuck. Bad enough? Cancer came back and the next surgery, though it left me with a stump of a tongue and replaced half my jaw with a bone from my leg, got rid of the other wattle. So my neck actually looks really good, But I have trouble talking and eating.
    This story is told with humor on my part. I am not vane, and I manage just fine. You can be happy in adversity if you have the right attitude. Don't let an insignificant detail like a few soft wrinkles spoil one moment of your day. You are beautiful. As I said to a friend who was debating plastic surgery, 'That's nothing that a smile won't fix." If you can smile your problems are already half-fixed. And you do have a beautiful smile.


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