Saturday, November 7, 2015

WHERE Have I Been!? New Video and Guessing Game.

I just noticed it is a whole week since I have posted.

Time just flies by.  I was with my friend, Nancy, yesterday enjoying the gorgeous Fall weather and going for the first time to the MOST DARLING little kitchen goody-type shop.  It is called Kopper Kettle.  It is one of those stores that carries all the unusual gadgets for your kitchen.  I'll show you what I got when I remember to take a photo.

I have been busy all week long, and I made you a new video yesterday morning.

Here it is:

You will notice that I keep PULLING DOWN my blouse.  I decided I didn't leave enough ease in the bottom half of it.  I also noticed (amazing what you notice in a video of yourself) that the bust darts were too long.  I don't see HOW that is possible when I put them where they are supposed to be.

SURELY, my apexes aren't moving from side to side!

Last night I took off the blouse.  I took out the front waist darts and left them out.  Then I moved the bust darts back 1/2".  It is SO MUCH BETTER.

I love to wear that blouse because I love the bracelet I made to go with it.  UNFORTUNATELY, the bracelet decided to keep falling off.  I went to the restroom at the restaurant yesterday, and when I was getting ready to exit the facility, my bracelet fell off ONE INCH from the toilet!!!

I had a MAJOR panic attack.

It was gross enough picking my pretty Swarovski crystals up off the bathroom floor next to the toilet!

I don't know WHAT I would have done if it had fallen INTO the toilet.

I picked it up, patted it off with a paper towel, and I put it in my purse.

When I got home last night, I added a BEAD BRIDGE (my name for it) so the little toggle thingy could NOT turn around and fall out.  Then I wore it until bedtime last night, and it did not fall off again.


I have found a NEW -- VERY EXCITING TO ME -- kind of hobby.  Still sewing.  Still quilting.  But a different thing.

Terry actually started it.

She is having half the nation to her house for Thanksgiving.  They have a gorgeous table that can be made to be very long.  Terry was concerned that she could not find placemats that were big enough for all the plates, silverware, napkin and glass.  She said people always moved their drink OFF the placemat, and that defeated the whole idea of the placemat.

I already showed you what Terry made in my last post, but here is another picture in case you didn't see it.

While Terry was doing this, I recalled a Craftsy class I had recently purchased about Home Deco.  I thought I might learn something new, and I did.

I learned that not only is there a TABLE RUNNER, a TABLE CLOTH and PLACEMATS; there is a new thing called a TABLE SCARF.

I decided I wanted to quilt a TABLE SCARF for my table.  I decided that it was easier to make ONE BIG PLACEMAT, than to make 8 or 10 small ones.  I really love what I made, BUT I will definitely be making some changes to the next ones I make.

I will PRESHRINK the fabrics and use NON-SHRINKING batting.

My table scarf shrunk SO MUCH in the wash, that I lost almost six inches in length.  It is too puffy and looks like a bed quilt.

Heres a pic of my finished table scarf:

you can see the leaf panto I used.  I wanted it to have a Fall theme.  You really cannot tell on the top, however, what the pattern is.  WAY TOO PUFFY due to all the shrinkage.

I ordered a bunch more of the fabric so I can make napkins to match.

THEN, I am going to do another one with a Christmas panto of some kind.  Terry and I just bought about 8 more pantos.  We are having SEW MUCH FUN!

In my video, I mention a FREE GIFT.  I have no idea what it will be, and I have never done that before.  A lot of bloggers do though, so I thought I would jump on that train.  You have to guess WHAT new thing I was learning how to do via Youtube videos.  I am ending it on 11/11/15 because I will be out of town dealing with other issues.


I am cleaning house today, so I better get back to it.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hello, Joy. First I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. What Craftsy class are you taking for table linens? Regarding the puffy batting, some of my friends have used flannel as batting. Another possibility is thin polyester, I think it's called Thermore - I used this on a bargello quilt-as-you-go runner.

    PS - I also have thin thin eyebrows now, so I'm looking forward to this!

  2. Hi, Joy, it's Deb again! I'm thinking of more comments -for some reason, I could never comment before but found I can on my laptop. Joy, I'd love to hear your comments about the various Craftsy classes you've taken and what you think of them. Another topic I'd love to hear your opinion on is how to move from the Sure Fit Designs Dress kit with woven fabrics to sewing with knits. I'm curious what adjustments you make for stretchy knits. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    1. Hi Deb, Just to get you started on using the Sure-Fit Designs Kits (in general) when sewing with knits, here's a video that I've offered on this topic. You can find it on this page - and then scroll to the bottom of the page to video GI.18 Knit Know-How: Testing the Stretch of the Knit & How to Size Down the Master Pattern. Hopefully Joy will do a video blog on her experiences of working with the vagaries of sewing with knits.

    2. THANK YOU Glenda. I have a hard time finding just the right video at SFD sometimes. You have SO MANY. The red top in my 11-8-15 post is made with my SFD Dress Kit. The fit is DIVINE, and I want to make more, but I really need new knit tops that fit me.
      I'm wondering: Would you recommend SFD for beginners?
      Hugs, Joy

  3. Oh Joy! it is always uplifting to read your blog and watch you in action. However, I was a bit taken aback when you answered this person about Sure-Fit-Design pant kit. True, for a beginner, that may not the best way to go and I agree about your suggestion for Palmer Plestch. However, if I were a newbie, I could generalize your comment and decide that SFD is not for me. I have used SFD kits ever since Glenda started the business in the 80's, and yes the pant kit is tricky. BUT all other kits are super and now, especially with the advent of technology, Glenda offers you classes on DVDs and You Tube as though you were in her room. So perhaps, without backtracking, you could comment on the other kits, so as no to scare potential students? I have never regretted my investments in them and, being self-taught, have learned to become close to professional!

  4. Hi Connie, thanks so much for your positive comments on your experiences with Sure-Fit Designs over the years. We all learn in different ways and what one person might find easy to accomplish, others might find challenging. It's wonderful that we have so many options to choose from and that with our current technology we are able to access all kinds of resources to support our sewing knowledge and growth experiences. As so many of you already know, I'm always available to answer SFD fitting and sewing related questions.


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