Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello on Monday "My People"

I made a new video a couple days ago in my pajamas and in my bed.  Feel free to not watch it.  It isn't, however, as nutty as the one I did today showing you my husband's underwear and mine too!  I'll show you that one in a later post.

Here is the first video -- if you are interested -- in which I discuss pillows and jewelry-making while my computer rocks back and forth on a metal computer bed tray and makes weird noises.  Once I realized it, I tried to be more still -- which is NOT easy for me!

SORRY!  Got a letter telling me I could go straight to jail for mentioning a company's name in this video.  I have deleted it.  Good grief!

Today, I went with Terry to have lunch at the new Applebee's in Durant.

We are really thrilled to have another restaurant there because we really need it, but Terry and I were kind of disappointed.  I ordered iced tea, and Terry ordered water.  I noticed right away that the tea tasted like it had dish soap in  it; AND I remembered the last time Margaret and I ate at an Applebee's, the same thing happened to both of us.  Terry told me that her water was really nasty and asked me to taste it.  YUK!  It was horribler than the tea!  Both of us, having lightning fast minds, concluded that the tea was made with the nasty-tasting water.  We informed Drew, our waiter, and he said the water was filtered.  They must filter it through the dishwasher!

After lunch, we went to Lowe's so Terry could buy some paint for her new sewing room.  Then we went to Walmart for some things.  I will show you in my next video what I came home with.

I'm starting to compile some short videos of organizational tips because I have been asked many times to do it.  I don't know WHAT about my videos gives people the idea I am organized, but they must.  I AM organized.  I just don't know how my videos portray it.

OHHHHHHHHHHH!  I have to run upstairs and show Jerry some pics I took.  When we got back home, Terry and I drove down to our Marina where everything is a total mess from the flood.  The entire Marina and dock floated across the lake in the flood.  The boat stalls were really messed up.

We noticed that the Marina restaurant is BACK in the right place, but there is no way to get to it unless you want to go by boat -- which there is no ramp for due to the current flood -- or by helicopter drop off from the sky.  At least, it is back where it belongs.  We then drove over to the other side where we used to put our boat in.  It is a horrible mess due to the recent rains.  We were both shocked.  I took pics, so I have to run upstairs and show Jerry.

I'll be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy, you are just so cute. Funny you mentioned the pillows as I have been on a quest to find the perfect pillow. I don't sleep well due to neck problems partly because I can't find a good pillow to sleep on. I now swap between a down pillow and a foam, neither of which are comfortable. Ok, enough of that. Question: I have heard that satin pillow cases keep your hair nice, have you found that to be true? On the topic of organization, yes, you very organized, my kids think I am &I then I see what you do, you definitely have me beat. I, too, make jewelry and you are so right on about keeping track of the beads, and all accessories to bead making. Love ya, keep making me smile.

  2. I hate spell check. My finish should be keep me smiling, not smile.


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