Friday, January 8, 2016

It is SUPERnatural!

Hello "My People"!


I'm FLOATING this morning on a happy cloud because I feel like myself again!  I had to stay so still the last two days, I felt like a lazy lump of coal.

I WANTED to do so many things, but every time I barely moved, the muscle under my right boob hurt like crazy.  No bruising.  No broken ribs.  It just decided to hurt.  Probably got wrenched by the dog leash or something when I fell.  Since I don't remember falling, I will never know.

I hit the ground running this morning.  I grabbed up all the dog toys, dog treats, dog quilt, dog towels, dog bowls, etc. and began vacuuming.  NOTHING HURT!

I had to run and find Jerry and ask him if he realized HOW AWESOME our bodies are because they AUTOMATICALLY, SUPERNATURALLY know how to heal themselves!

But wait, that isn't right.

Isn't it that some piece of slime crawled out of the ocean and decided to grow legs and climb up a tree and become an ape, and then the ape decided to turn into a man?  Whew!  I almost forgot that!

How can ANYONE actually believe that nonsense!!!

Here are some pics I snapped a few moments ago:

The MRI is scheduled for 4:30 today.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your advice on how to endure it.  The thing that sounds the most awful is -- according to Jerry -- you have to raise your arms above your head and hold them there the whole time.  I hope I don't have to do that.

Time to finish UNdoggyfying my house.  Honestly, we won't miss the chewed up rugs and blankets or the giant holes all over our back yard.  We bought a fire pit for our patio in Kingston, and Josie chewed up THREE of the rubber knobs that you push to start the fire.  We finally quit replacing it.

And I must tell you one thing before I go.

In case you don't know:  My SIL, Len, and my daughter, Tammy, have had a Kennel for years.  They breed Golden Doodles.  That is how I happened to have two of them.  We took them back to them on Tuesday night and asked them to sell them.  They were sold before noon the next day!

My daughter is a chatter box -- like me (big shock) -- and she told the lady who bought Josie to watch my BLOG when she got home, and she could see Josie on it when she was a puppy.

Last night, Len sent me a copy of a long text that lady sent to him.

She said in the text that she had put one of my videos on to watch.  She said Josie JUMPED UP like she had been shocked and got super excited and looked all around.  She had to turn it off because she didn't want to upset Josie with my voice.

She also texted that she would love Josie as much as anyone ever could, and that she was going to wait a few days before introducing Josie to her boys.  Can't figure out WHERE her boys would be, but....  Tammy and Len told me that both dogs went to super good homes right here in Edmond.

Gotta go vacuum and dust and maybe even start a new quilt!!!

GOD IS SO GOOD, and I love you, Terry!, and Happy almost BIRTHDAY!!!  So sorry I won't be there to share it with you.  So glad you liked your present.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love you, too, my sweet friend. So very, very glad you're not sore. See you soon!!

  2. so glad your feeling better and that both dogs have found a good home.

    Annette Parsons

  3. Aloha from Josie

    Happy to know u are feeling better. Sutures will heal, emotions will take longer. Take good care of yourself.

    Mahalo for sharing

  4. So glad you're feeling better. As a pet owner it is very difficult for our beloved pets when they both don't go to the same home. I hope they survive without each other and without you. It wasn't their fault that you fell. Sorry you didn't think twice about your decision to sell them.

    1. Actually, it was their fault that she fell. I'm sorry, too, that they didn't go to the same home, but choosing what is best for the dogs and what is best for Joy's safety is really no choice at all. They were extremely well cared for with Joy and Jerry and Joy made SURE they would be as well cared for in their new homes where they will not just "survive", they will thrive. She did think twice. What's best for an animal does not trump what is best for a human being.


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