Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back Home Boatless Still and Blouse Fix


We finally made it back to our Kingston home, which is actually our REAL home.  The Edmond home is really our offices that go with our business up there.

I wasn't home for very long when Terry texted and said her darling little granddaughter, Riley, wanted to "come see Grandma Doy".  I was in great need of a hug, so I was THRILLED to have this child come over and JUMP into my arms.  She brought me a picture she had drawn and 3 special rocks she picked up at a park.  I WISH I had thought to make a pendant out of one of them, but I tossed them after she left.  I could have given it to her next time I see her.

We talked and caught up, and I fed the starving child!  She ate nuts and chex mix and a banana.  I asked Terry if she EVER feeds her!

Terry knew I had a ton of clean-up to do, so they left.  I put groceries away, threw some fabric in the washer and drug boxes back upstairs to my sewing room.  Then I embroidered a jacket for my granddaughter.  She needed her name on it for work.

Now, I am sitting on my bed RELAXING and talking to "my people"!  My favorite thing to do.

Some of you probably don't see my videos on Youtube unless I put a link here, so if you want to see how I fixed the gigantic blouse, it is here:

 I had a request the other day to show you how I attach my scissors to my machines.  I took some pictures for you.

If I do not do this, I can never find my scissors!  They are very bad, and the minute I am not looking, they jump up and run away and hide!  One day, I decided to tie their butts down!!!  Haven't lost them since.

And we came home without the boat.  Bass Pro forgot to remember that the people involved were OFF on Friday and Saturday.  Insane!  Jerry's first boat did show up, however, and all will be finished sometime this week.  Jerry will go back up and get the boat without me.

Monday is the day I finally see the surgeon about cataracts.  I have no idea what to expect.  After that, I am going back to work part time at our store.  Terry is going with me to learn how to do the manager's job because she (the manager) is going to have to have major surgery on her back and may be out for months.  I need to be prepared for that because if I have to go back to work full time, I won't be blogging or vlogging.  It is a miracle that Terry is educated in office management, and she WANTS to work part time for as long as I need her.  NO WONDER God sent her here!

OH!  I wanted to tell you quilters about a comment I got involving a really fun quilt project.  It is called "The Splendid Sampler".  Here is a link.

It has to do with making ONE HUNDRED 6" quilt blocks.  Each one is by a different designer.   An excellent idea for new quilters to learn 100 techniques for making quilt blocks.  I THINK it said 20,000 people were doing it from all over the world.  If I wasn't so busy, I would probably enter in.  I'm going to watch it just for fun though.  THANK YOU to the nice lady who told me about it.

I've got to go.  The dryer just dinged telling me my fabric needs to be removed and folded and put away.  I better go get a dress and heels on!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. The blouse looks really good now. I can't even see a seam in the back with that floral design. My suggestion to use it as a pajama top just went out the door. I do hope you get over the allergies. My son suffers badly with allergies.

  2. Have you ever had allergy tests? I have suffered with seasonal allergies for years with intermittent sinus infections. Did tests last spring, I am allergic to most grasses and trees! Started allergy shots last summer. Hopefully allergies will be better soon. I really think it is going to help.

    1. Yes. I paid $850 to have myself tested. They put 40 things in my arms and back. Then they told me I wasn't allergic to anything. They told me to quit drinking coffee and tea. HUH? They prescribed drugs that made me so dizzy, I couldn't drive. I never went back.
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Joy, My comment today is for Jerry: Jerry, I am so sorry that your boat situation is still unresolved. Hopefully it will be perfect and home with you in time for the good weather! Think how good that fish dinner will taste.

  3. I'm keeping my husband up with the boat drama. When I told him about the service issues with Tracker he said he had heard that Tracker has a reputation for sketchy service. When I told him this morning that Jerry still didn't have the boat he said, "You're kidding!" He's feeling badly for Jerry so please keep us in the loop. :) Love the scissor leash! Looks like a better mouse trap to me. Make them with pretty ribbons & snaps, patent the idea and become a millionaire!


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