Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fast N Fun by Saf-T Pockets Times 10

We are having SEW much fun making these Fast N Fun tops.  Terry is getting ready to make at least four of them as maternity tops for her daughter who is expecting in May.

I collected all the pictures from Deb and Terry, and I am going to show you TEN tops here.  We all LOVE this pattern!

Every time we wear it, someone asks for either the pattern or the actual blouse we are wearing!

I only have a minute because I must go fix some supper.  Jerry will be THRILLED that we are eating actual food tonight and not Herbalife shakes.

Here are Terry's tops:

I WOULD like to point out that the two HEADLESS pictures were taken by the PROFESSIONAL photographer, Terry!

Here are Deb's tops.  The first one was just cut out, but the second one is finished and some lady said she would love to take it last night while Deb was wearing it.
And you have seen all of mine but the pink one, but here they are again.

The collar is supposed to be OFFSET so it does not open up at center front.  Some of the tops look like it was done differently.  Terry caught her mistake and removed a collar.  I think the dark blue one of mine may be wrong.  It looks good both ways.

Gotta get.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I love these Joy. When I saw them on your videos, I decided I'm going to copy them when I get my SFD bodice drawn. I received my Dress Kit, etc. yesterday but I have company for a few days so I won't get started till Friday but I am so excited to start. Yeah !!!

  2. great looking tops - of course the models really set them off :)

  3. I am ANOTHER Diana.... diana in illinois... I have commented several times on your awesome videos. I just LOVE when I see that you have a new one up. Thanks for all the effort in doing them!
    I want that pattern SO bad, but each time I go to the website I get intimidated by the directions for downloading it!! I guess I am worried about it printing out in the correct size. Am I making a mountain out a molehill (my specialty)? I realize I COULD order the paper pattern, BUT... is it relatively easy to do download? You just look wonderful (and so does Terri) in this blouse. I love it!
    Thanks for being a ray of sunshine !! diana in illinois

  4. These tops look great on all you beautiful ladies!.....much better than the hangers. I use SFD for high-rounded back, sloping and narrow, forward shoulder and sometimes back seam. How did you adapt this pattern to accommodate? Thank you for your willingness to share. The world is a much better place when each of us "pass it on".

    1. I have all that too. So does Deb. I trace it in doctor table paper. Cut it out. Pin it at the side seams. Clip the seams where necessary to allow for trying on. Then see what changes are necessary. Correct in the paper. Then make a bunch of tops! The pattern is very well drafted in the neck and shoulder area. I did round back, sway back and low shoulder on one side. Deb did a large round back. We both still put the back on CF. Of course, you can redesign your SFD also. Glenda shows how to make the bigger/longer bottom in one of her books. The neckline is easy to change. The collar is just a rectangle. And the download was easy. I just measured the square to be sure it was the right size. The owner of Saf-T Pockets is very helpful if you have questions.
      Hugs, Joy

  5. Terry is so cute! Just love those blouses.....going to have to try making me some. :)

  6. Thanks for your prompt response. I like the idea of "table paper" which I have used for years to make a test to try on. I love P/P way of adjusting their patterns across the back for my round back then adding a shoulder dart when needed. SFD has worked well for me because I have no one to fit my back as P/P shows. Thank you for your sending me to SFD three years ago. Glenda is very special......and so are you! Wish you lived close.

    Sarah from NY


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