Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hello Friends on Torrential Tuesday

It is supposed to rain all week here, but I'm not sure there is a drop left in the heavens after today.

We got SO MUCH rain!  I am happy for the water in Lake Texoma because whoever is in charge of water levels in these parts thinks all the rain should be dumped over the dam every time the lake gets full.


At some point, we must have had some very high winds because when I came home from work today, I was shocked to see broken limbs all over our yard.  There were several trees broken completely in half.  One had fallen on our fence. We must have been at the doctor 20 miles away when that happened here this morning.

Thank goodness, there was no damage to our house.

I am "talking to you" tonight on my new laptop computer #3.  The first two were returned to Best Buy because they had issues.  After Jerry's boat fiasco, I wasn't taking a chance of getting stuck with "lemon" computers.  I now have an HP Spectre X360.  It is thinner than a pencil!  No CD drive, and no 10-key.  Love the keyboard and the fact that it lights up at night.  You can put it in a zillion positions, and it is a tablet.

I bet you can guess what tutorials I am looking up now!

I made you a little video on this new computer.  It looks terrible because the lighting was all wrong, although I didn't realize it until I did video #2.  I'll show it to you tomorrow.

I learned THREE NEW THINGS that I tell you about in this video:

I'm in bed, and Jerry is already sound asleep.

Jerry can sleep sitting up, standing, on a bed of nails or a soft mattress.  I told him he needed to roll over to his left side and take off his t-shirt and his briefs.  He groaned that he has never had trouble sleeping, and immediately fell asleep!  (Watch the video if you wonder what on Earth I just said.)

I'll be back soon.  I don't have to go to work tomorrow, but I do have to start cleaning this house.  Deb and Jim will be here in two weeks!  I do hope the weather is nice when they arrive because Jerry and Jim are going to break in the new boat.  I'm sure Deb and I can find SOMETHING to do in the sewing room.  Terry should have a baby quilt to put on by then.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Congrats on your new laptop. I too have an hp but a normal notebook and I love it. I didn't know you could tape videos on them. You need to make a YouTube tutorial for us numpties lol.

  2. I am happy God kept you and Jerry safe! I always enjoy your posts! Happy Sewing

  3. I am happy God kept you and Jerry safe! I always enjoy your posts! Happy Sewing

  4. Please don't settle for poor eyesight. Find a dr you like and have the surgery. I typed a long explanation but if fanished Just don't settle. Jtl


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