Sunday, March 20, 2016

How NOT to Make a Blouse Video

It FINALLY uploaded to Youtube.  It took from 11 PM last night until 8:30 this morning.  INSANE!

It is about 20 minutes long, so grab a cuppa.

Terry came over today, and I took some pictures to show you the surprises from OUR sisters.

I am so touched DEEP IN MY HEART at how loving and sweet her family is to me.  I have always hated that I have 3 siblings, and only one even speaks to me.  It has been like that for many years.  Very sad and a huge heartache, and I know I'm not the only one of you with that situation.

We are here on Earth to LOVE GOD and to LOVE EACH OTHER.  Imagine what it would be like if every single person actually did that!  I guess that would make it HEAVEN, and not Earth.

It is Sunday, and I did go to church via the internet this morning.  I actually watched both of my preachers this morning.  Hagee is talking about the four Kings and Armageddon.  It is SO SCARY!  I have been unsettled for weeks.  He talked about how the King from the East -- China -- has already purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of land in AMERICA!  They are buying hotel chains now!

I KNOW it is Bible, and I KNOW it is all going to happen, but still.  So unsettling.

I decided to watch Duane Sheriff from Victory Life in Durant, OK.  That is our actual church but we don't go there because we can't stand what they have done to the music and the attire worn on stage.  I feel like I'm at a rock concert instead of in a church.  Duane is still an awesome preacher though, and I can always watch him on the web live -- same as Hagee.  He was much more upbeat.

Won't keep you.  A brand new week awaits us.  You all have a great one!

Only four days before Deb and Jim arrive.  I'm praying for lovely weather so the guys can catch a lot of fish for my freezer.  Jerry went out on the lake for about five hours today searching for fish and breaking the engine in.  It is now READY.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Success in the end! The shade of blue suits you extremely well and the fit looks great. Looking forward to seeing what you create from your latest haul.
    Kind regards, Susan

  2. Joy there is enough white in the fabric to make the zipper look good. I love the other fabric you picked out. Nice hair color too.

  3. Love your taste in fabrics, and that blue top looks stunning! Just LOL for the "plaything for your husband"...... ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Glad Jerry's boat is up&running!

  4. Hi Joy,
    I really like the blouse! It is very becoming on you and the white zipper jazzes it up. I do not mind the bust dart on the sides at all. It fits extremely well and the zipper with the side panels make it very slimming. Good job!!
    Great tips on how to find a better pix for a fabric and how to find fabrics to go together. I had not thought of that.

  5. I laughed when I saw this video. You bring sunshine to a lot of folks! Marcia

  6. hi Joy, I just saw your video, Hilarious! And can't we all relate to your mishaps because we have all done it. In the end the top came out so cute. I agree with you that I like the silver zipper, too, but those who have not seen the silver will never know and they will like the white just as much. The top is vet flattering on you. You just crack me up. And great lessons for all of us to keep in mind when changing styles on a pattern. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Love you and am SOOOO glad your in the family!


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