Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Night

Hello everyone!

I am TOTALLY frustrated with this new computer insofar as how the tablet works.  I tried answering your questions under my videos with the tablet side of this device, and I can't figure out how to get a keyboard.  I know there is one.  And I know where the icon is for it, BUT the icon disappears and the keyboard won't come up.  AAAAAARGH!

I guess I need to search for some tutorials on how to use a tablet.  I have an IPAD, and I assumed this would be like it.

I am making a new blouse, and I am having the CRAZIEST problem.  I need a VERY SIMPLE thing, and I am shocked that it seems to be MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

I have searched all over the internet, and can't even find this.

What I need is six buttons exactly alike.  5/8".  Four of them black.  Two of them red.  2-hole.  Who EVER would have thought that would be a hard thing to find?

Other than that, I have made two new videos.  Here they are if you are interested in bat wing capes and oreo cookies.

And I have to go.  Just talked to Deb on the phone.  She and Jim will be here the 24th.  I will do videos and take pics.  I don't know WHAT we will be making, but we will make SOMEthing.  Deb wants to spend time with Terry.  Maybe Terry will have a quilt ready for the longarm.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy, love your blog - you are so funny and so very talented. I really love that brown and white top you are wearing in the first video and was wondering if you could post the pattern name. Thank you in advance. Regards, Gisella

    1. Hi Gisella,
      That is a Christine Jonson pattern called Cross Your Heart and V-Neck Tee 714. You can find it at The fabric is wonderful. It is called Slinky.
      Hugs, Joy

    2. I love the 2 tops you are wearing today,in particular the brown one. I'll have to visit cjpatterns. You look great! Congratulations for your success and willpower dieting. I have a hard time doing it.
      Did you try Nancy's Notions? She has 5/8" black and red buttons which seem to match. They are rather plain but I saw how they were difficult to find too. Keep up sewing and motivating us to do so! :-)

  2. Really love that Christine Johnson top, it looks so good on you. I think the problem with the circular wrap is the fabric, it needs to be soft and drapery and it needs to be longer!!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much Joy! On my list to order:) Gisella

  4. Joy I love the blonde Oreos too. I bet you are a megastuff gal. I know I sure am. I don't like the "bat blouse" either. The brown one is nice though.


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