Tuesday, June 28, 2016

VLOG and Jolene's "Lucky" Stars

Here is a VLOG I made for you this morning if you haven't already seen it:

And if you watched that, you know there are some ladies that have asked me for instructions as to HOW I put a blouse together.  I promised a document they could copy from here, but I cannot figure out how to show it here.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  How does one put a Word document into their blog.  If you know, please advise.

Basically, this is the order:  Darts, Shoulders, Side Seams, Collar, Facings, Sleeves, Hems, Buttonholes and Buttons.
My friend, Jolene, completed a super fantabulous wall quilt today.  I asked her to PLEASE let me show it to you, so let me see if I can do that and not mess it up.  (Can you tell I'm tired?)

I believe Jolene said this was for a Hoffman Challenge and it is going to be entered into a show.  She hopes to win a ribbon.  So much of the color in this quilt is THREAD quilted into it by Jolene. Pictures just do not do quilts justice at all.

Let me see if I can get a close-up that shows her stitching better.  The stitching is in so many colors of thread and so intricate.  Surely, she will win a ribbon for this wall quilt.

 Notice it even has crystals on it.

I am so proud of Jolene.  This quilt is named "Thank my "Lucky" Stars" after their beloved family dog who just died recently.  She was almost too sad to finish this quilt.  I would love to see it in person.

And this afternoon, I have cut up 9 boards into 72 smaller boards.  I wrapped fabric until I am tired and my back is screaming, "STOP LADY!", and I have about decided to give everything that is left to the Goodwill.  I'm sure I will rethink that by morning, but for now it seems like a real good idea.

I won't keep you tonight because my body wants jammies and a cool drink and a bed.

Be back soon though.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Thanks for sharing Jolene's quilt - it is beautiful. I give it a cyber ribbon LOL.
    We were discussing at my sewing group how we are measuring the movement south of our bust points despite some pretty nice bras. Ha
    Have fun cutting up your boards. I have one more box to do and a couple of bags to go to goodwill. I have been a bit ruthless with everything except my merino knit scraps because they make cute stuff for babies.

  2. Dear Joy, what a project and now you have me inspired to do the same. My fabric is also in boxes and it is just too much trouble to find a fabric to coordinate when you have to go through all the boxes. And I have the boxes labels with content and organized by fabric type and still too much trouble. Soooo, when I'm done making the cover for our cantilever umbrella, (a huge umbrella) then I will reorganize. You certainly keep me busy. Hehehehe! Love it.
    What a beautiful quilt and It probably looks even prettier in person. Congrats to Jolene.

  3. Joy, my faithful friend,
    Thank you for all the wonderful accolades described above. It has taken me years to wrestle-in what exactly my quilting aesthetic was going to be and then it still changes! It's possible that "IF" this quilt is chosen, it could be shown it your state! The quilts travel all over the country! My 1st quilt I entered traveled to 13 different states and 20 different shows! It actually traveled to Florida and I was fortunate to see it in person with all the other creative artists! You Never Know!???
    Again, Thank you Joy! You are a true blessing to all and my life!


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