Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday and New Blouse

Even Phylly watched Rev. John Hagee on the computer at her house this morning.  She thought the sermon was really good.  I think he is always good.  He talked about the resurrection, of course.  He said something I never thought about before, but it is so true.

"The angels of glory didn't swoop down to roll the stone away so Christ could get out.  It was so we could get in!"

Absolutely!  Jesus was already out.  He didn't have to wait for the stone to be moved. 

He said that Jesus COULD have saved himself, but if he had, he couldn't have saved us.  So true.

Something funny Hagee said:  "Inside the body of every old person is a young person screaming, "What Happened!?""  I certainly can relate to that one!

After church, I took a shower in the wrong shower again because we still haven't figured out how to get the broken floor in our shower fixed.  Some guy named Tony is coming tomorrow at 11:00.  I hope he has a better solution than the last guy who came last week.  He appeared to be slightly older than 12.  He was wearing a hat and had what looked to be a few self-applied tattoos.  He was nice enough, but not what I expected.  He was here a long time.  He made a sketch of the ENTIRE bathroom -- the shower, the walls, the tub, the surroundings, the sink, the cabinets.  I asked him why he was drawing the whole bathroom when all I needed was a new floor in the shower.  He said, "You probably have TERRIBLE foundation damage with the water getting under your shower pan like that!"  I said, "Oh, really, what KIND of damage?"  He said, "I don't have any idea, but I know it is bad." 

Then he proceeded to tell me that in order to take out the cracked shower floor, they would have to remove the two "marble" walls surrounding it and the glass enclosure.  Not only that, they would have to tear out the backsplash all around the jacuzzi, the front of the jacuzzi, the two sinks and the backsplashes around those.  I thought that was a bit DRASTIC, but silently thought, "NO WAY, JOSE'!" and didn't say anything to him.  He kept drawing lines on his sketch, and I went into my sewing room.  In a little bit, I looked up and there he was -- IN my sewing room just looking at me.  He said, "Do you sew?"  Well, either that or I collect a whole lot of sewing machines and accessories to decorate my house with.  No, I didn't SAY that -- just thought it.  I was glad I hadn't gone to the bathroom because he probably would have followed me in there too.  Strange guy.

I motioned for him to follow me out to the front door so he could LEAVE with his drawing.  But he didn't leave.  He said, "You need to sign these papers."  Sign papers??????????  What on earth would I be signing papers for, I asked.  He handed me three sheets of paper.  I started reading the first sheet.  It said something about me agreeing that NOTHING was their fault including destruction of my wallpaper, broken or malfunctioning plumbing, shattered mirrors or wall fixtures, damaged woodword, etc.  I looked at him and said, "There is no way I am signing this paper!"  All I want is an estimate for replacing the floor in the shower!  He said his boss would get back to me with an estimate of the cost.  I never heard back from him or his boss.

I called another company as soon as that guy left.  That is where Tony is coming from.  We'll see how that goes tomorrow.

After I showered and fixed my quickly greying hair -- yuk! -- I returned to my blouse project.  The weird amoeba blouse was properly filed away, and I chose another fabric to start all over.  I spent most of the day on the next version that I decided to put the collar on, and I think I like it even less than the amoeba blouse!

The pattern was very strange, and the blouse did not look like the picture on the pattern envelope.  Notice in the pattern Phylly is holding that the collar separates at the lady's neckline.

Phylly and I BOTH came up with a much different-looking neckline than is shown in the picture.

Here is a picture of the collar on my blouse BEFORE I tried to correct the collar to look like the picture.

Do these two necklines look like the one on the pattern to you???  I showed Jerry mine, and he said, "THAT looks weird!"

This pretty orchid top is Phylly's.  She says she is leaving it like it is.

I, however, being the major perfectionist that I am, decided to make the collar match the picture.  I SORT of did that, but I still don't like collars, and this one tickles my neck when I'm sitting down.  I will probably tear the whole thing off tomorrow, and face the front.  Anyway, here is a picture of the corrected version that I am wearing as I type this post and managed to ram one of the pinpoints acting as temporary buttons into my thumb.  OWE! 

It looks like the picture now, doesn't it?  Note:  The bottom of the blouse is not hemmed yet.

I still don't like it.

Check back tomorrow to see what I do with it.  I really like everything else about the blouse -- especially the correct bust dart.

Jerry is waiting to take me for a burger at Braum's.  Have to go there for milk and bread anyway.  When we return, I shall do some REVERSE sewing and rip off that collar!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

Hugs,  Joy

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  1. Joy, I made this blouse too, and also didn't like it. I also felt that it didn't fit correctly in the bust because the yoke seam was just above the bust and really didn't allow for cup sizing very well. If I had made it larger it would just be bigger without actually fitting the bust properly. No made mine from a beautiful linen. I made myself wear it a few times because the fabric was expensive and beautiful, it is now long gone. Out the door, file 13. Laughing out loud. Pattern is out the door too.


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