Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hello dear readers!  Sorry I didn't post yesterday, and it is late tonight.  Jerry wanted my attention when I finally got home after a whole month away, so I didn't get to even turn this computer on last night.  Today, my store manager from Oklahoma City is here to help PREaudit our store for an accreditation audit coming soon.  She is spending the night here tonight, so we have been visiting and talking.  She just went to bed, so I came back upstairs to do a quick blog post.

I want to buy some herbs and some pretty plants and put them in all the planters around my house.  Have been gone so much the last year, that most died.  And what good are a bunch of herbs when you aren't here to harvest and use them?  I really want to start eating healthier.  Lots of vegetables and less meat and potatoes.  Both of us need to lose our ring-around-the-tummy!  I have 500 cookbooks, and I'm sure several of them have to do with healthy eating.  I need to dig out a few recipes that look like they might be tastier than cardboard and try them. 
Remember when Woks were all the rage?  Weren't they about cooking healthy?  I know you used lots of vegies and rice.  I know I've purchased at least one Wok in my life, but I have no idea where it is now.  I'm sure a big frying pan will suffice!

Guess I better get downstairs and get into bed.  I have to go into the store and work with on accreditation tomorrow while my store manager is here.  I told her if she will find what needs fixin' -- I will fix it!  Hence, I should probably get some sleep.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. There you are! At least I know you are still alive! I have a serious case of WDFF (withdrawal from Joy Joy)! I hope Mrs. S. didn't find too many problems. We don't want you stuck there for the next year fixing problems. Back to sewing. Hugs, Phylly


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