Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lonely Saturday and Neckline for Knits

I usually have a pretty quiet life with lots of alone time, but today was really lonely.  Phylly is out of town this weekend, and although she still wouldn't be here with me even if she wasn't out of town, I am still lonelier.  How crazy is THAT!?

Reminds me of when I was growing up.  Even though I wasn't alone literally, I felt alone a lot.  I didn't feel like I could talk to anyone in my home because my sisters hated me -- my Dad and Mom were the reason -- and my brother was too young.  I had so much I wanted to say and nobody to say it to.  One year -- maybe about 10 years old -- I got what I called a teenage doll for Christmas.  I never heard of or had a Barbie doll.  This doll was about the size of the one in the picture, but was a more grown up doll.  I called her Barbara.  I wonder WHY I called her Barbara.  Don't remember.  I remember she had a red dress on.

I used to talk to Barbara a LOT and tell her all my troubles.  I would ask her questions about why this, and why that.  I could tell her anything and trust her to keep it to herself.  I had a dog named Jolly too, but he was a terrible listener.  I think he got hit by a car, and then I got another dog named Jolly.  Everybody in our house had a "J" name except my Mother's fish.  She bought 3 fish one time and she named them "Fido", "Fuzzy" and "Fooch".  They had a little fish bowl, and I think they all died, or got flushed -- or both. 

I turned one of Peggy Sager's videos on earlier today, and I found myself talking to her on my computer monitor.  The subject was knits.  First she said that you can pull a knit from either end or side and it will ROLL to the RIGHT side.  Then she said that was wrong, and when you pull it it will roll to the WRONG side.  Then she said that was wrong too, and it really pulls to the RIGHT side.  I was screaming, "Make up your mind!"  Then I picked up a piece of my current knit project and pulled it and pulled it.  It curled to one side one time -- and it curled to the opposite side the other time -- so I don't know what side is right.

I tried to take a picture of the top she was wearing that she made.  It had the prettiest adorable neckline on it, and I am going to try it.

I copied a link to her video so you can  see the blouse neckline for yourself.  Here it is:

I'll see if I can draw an illustration of how she did it, but don't hold your breath .....

Okay, I drew a pretty lousy illustration by what Peggy said -- which was very little.  She said she cut them 2" long and 1 1/2" apart.  That doesn't tell me how far down from the neck edge or if they are all the way around the back of the blouse.  Here is my lovely drawing.

The green lines are where you tie knots with a THIN piece of something.  She used leather.  I would say no bigger than 1/8".  WHY do I say that?  Because I made up a sample for you.

First I cut a scrap out of my current knit project, and I put a quick hem in it.  Then I marked a grid on the back side of it.  Can you see the blue lines I drew on it?  I drew the grid 3/4" down from the top.

Then, I used my rotary cutter to SLASH all those vertical lines.

Remember, knit DOES NOT RAVEL!  You can cut it up all you want, and it will just stay cut up.  I think the younger generation is in love with this technique!  They always seem to be wearing rags to me.

Then I looked in all my drawers for something THIN to loop through all those slits.  The thinnest thing I had here is 3/8" grosgrain ribbon -- WAY TOO WIDE -- but it is all I had.  I tied a knot around every section like Peggy said she did.  It looks pretty awful, but I will try it again when I get something skinnier.  Looks like a trip to a fabric store is mandatory!  Here is the not-so-lovely outcome, but you get the idea.

It was really hard to tie the knots in the continuous grosgrain which was, obviously, too wide.  If you saw the top Peggy is wearing in the video, then you know this is DOABLE -- SOMEHOW!

It is after 6 PM, so I suppose I should go fix some supper.  Sure wish my husband was here.  He always finds us a movie to watch.  I think I will go jump on my trampoline and try to get energized!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I think you miss me and my nonsense!

    I'm beat tonight. I have to keep a constant watch on Justin to be sure he doesn't get into anything. He is FAST! Greased lightening! Heather's house isn't as child proof as it used to be, or maybe I am just slower.

    I forgot to tell you...I am not going any further on my red dress until you can help me with it. I want to be sure it is right before putting the zipper in again.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Hi Joy, I checked on Peggy's knit and I think you might have cut the knit in the wrong direction. The 2" cut is parallel to the neck edge and then each cut is 1 1/2" apart. I think that works better. From you photos it looks like your cuts are perpendicular to the neck edge. Correct me if I am wrong about that.

    1. I have a DVD where she shows that too. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll check that.
      Hugs, Joy


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