Friday, April 20, 2012

Perfect Service At Last !

Here I am in Kingfisher, OK sitting on Mom's green floral couch with my feet up on a folding chair. Jerry is at the kitchen table using my laptop to work -- what ELSE would he be doing -- and I am trying to type this post on my IPad.  I am finding it nearly impossible to do, because I can't post pics, and some of my sentences are hidden from me. I will continue to type and check it all on my laptop later.

The local folks around here all told us to get Alfredo to lay the carpet back down. We had a hard time reaching him, but we finally did. He started the job today. My main reason for being here is to babysit the contractors so they don't trash Mom's house, and to make sure they even show up. Alfredo did show up in a nice van with his company name and number on it. He is by himself though. I asked him why he didn't have a helper, and he said the guy quit today. How awful! I told him to let us help him, but he refused.

Guess what the very first thing was that he did? He got a large scrap of new, clean carpet to put in the entryway so "he wouldn't mess up my house"! Well, that was it. I knew from that alone that the guy was going to make me happy.

He has to lay a new floor in the bathroom. When Lowe's came out to do it last summer, they said they don't remove the old floor -- they just put the new floor on top of whatever is already on it. So the bathroom had two layers on it with five holes drilled through it. At 10:00, Alfredo left to take a well-deserved break. I went to see what he had been doing. OMG, was I ever surprised! 

You could eat off the cement, it was so clean. He scraped up the entire floor, removed the toilet, and he removed all the baseboards. Remember it had a 40-year-old floor and the new floor I put last summer on it.  The last company didn't remove anything!  I could not even FIND the toilet Alfredo took up.

Look at where it was -- as neat as could be in the hall closet. Wow! What a guy! I am so thrilled to have found him. He does it RIGHT -- not fast and cheap. Whatever he charges, he will have earned.

He put the new floor in -- put the toilet back -- and put all the trim back.  Then he caulked all around everything.  I wish you could see a before and after picture!  I think the moral of this story is DON'T have the carpet store install your carpet.  They will do it the cheapest way possible.  This guy works for himself.  He told Jerry that he used to work for Home Depot.  Home Depot made him lay hard tile OVER linoleum.  That is just WRONG!  I am SO GLAD we found Mr. Alfredo!

PROOF POSITIVE that there is STILL such a thing as honest, dependable, high quality customer service!  It does my heart good and makes me a happy girl!

Okay, it is now the next day.  Alfredo was supposed to be here 8 minutes ago.  PLEASE don't break my heart, Alfredo, and screw up your perfect record!

It just so happens, that the largest quilt shop in Oklahoma is 30 minutes away from here in Hennessey, OK.  Jerry told me to take his little van and go there yesterday, so what could I say.  I guess he was tired of me sitting across this table from him watching him work.  So I went to Prairie Quilts, and I found 9 new fabrics I needed to make future blouses with --

ALFREDO IS HERE!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  I heard him apologize to Jerry for being a few minutes late.  An APOLOGY!!!!!!!!  Somebody better give me mouth-to-mouth!

The computer is very slow this morning, so I'm going to post this.  When I get back to my regular computer, I'll show you pics of my new fabrics.

Hugs, Joy

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