Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RAIN! and Gorgeous Fabrics

Praise God, we are getting the most wonderful slow, soaking rain.  We need it so much.  Huge help for us allergy sufferers to get the pollen out of the air.  Maybe I won't have to throw away the entire contents of my house now! (See yesterday's post.)

I met Phylly for lunch at TGIF in the rain.  Phylly ordered a cup of hot tea, as she often does, and the waiter, Johnny, brought her a cup of boiling water and a Green tea bag.  Phylly hates Green tea. 

I told her I would drink it just because it was hot.  It was freezing in there today.  I liked it until I saw the price of ONE TEABAG!  $2.68!  What a major rip-off!  I will put some teabags in a baggie and carry them in my purse from now on.  I don't think the restaurant can charge you $2.68 for hot water YET.

I am back home now.  Just starched and ironed some pillow cases, and now, I want to sew.  I received the prettiest fabrics from gorgeousfabrics.com.  Check them out:

The two purple/blue fabrics and the red fabric are slinky knits -- although not called that by Gorgeous Fabrics.  I'm getting braver now about trying to sew them because I LOVE the prints.  The fabric feels fabulous against my skin too -- that is, if it doesn't end up in the trash can. 

This red one on the right has sparkly gold in it, but I can't get it to photograph well.

The big pink flowers are a cotton fabric that I love.  Jerry doesn't like the print on that one.  I don't know why because I think it is wonderful.  My two favorite things:  pink and roses.  Maybe he thinks it is too big.  Wonder if that will make me look bigger or smaller???  We will find out.  It may become a jacket because it is pretty heavy.  I got some in solid black also to make matching pants.

Jerry is at his Mom's house still.  Right now, he is visiting with her at the Assisted Living Center where she lives which is 5 blocks away from the house she has forgotten she owns.  I have talked to him several times and the noise is unbelievable.  The foundation repair consists of lots of power cords, cables and machinery, VERY loud hammering, banging, drilling, large piles of dirt and the air full of dust!  He says the house looks awful, and Jerry doesn't exaggerate -- if anything, he understates things.   Of course, I make up for that!   I sure hope the house survives it!  I'm so glad I get to stay here and babysit the two cats.  Tough job, but SOMEONE has to do it, lol! 

And all of this is Jerry's "vacation".  Poor baby!

When the drilling is done, I will be taking over, and Jerry will go back to our main home and to work.  I will supervise all the repairs made necessary due to the foundation lift, the relaying of the pad and the carpet, installation of another new bathroom floor, getting the yard and gardens presentable and the house back on the market to sell.  I was there for five months last Summer and probably will be there most of this Summer as well.  THEREFORE, I will be taking sewing tables, sewing supplies, fabric, cutting boards, etc.  I already have a sewing machine there in one of the closets.  There is a couch, one side table, one bed, one piano bench and a couple folding chairs.  I kept the dinette set, and the kitchen and laundry are fully functional.  I am willing to sacrifice, but we must be reasonable!

The only places to eat out in Kingfisher, OK are Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell together in one place (the flies LOVE it there)

-- McDonald's -- Braum's (the flies that want a change from chicken and tacos come here) and Sonic.  The only establishment you could call a restaurant is a nasty Mexican food place that serves white puffy macaroni and cheese (yuk) instead of rice.  How weird is that!?  There is a very nice downtown cafe, but it closes after lunch every day.  There is another little place with a tiny sign in the window that says Sunrise Cafe.  I never even noticed it until the painters told me about it.  It is open IF the people who work there are IN THE MOOD.  Many times, you will pull on the door, and it won't open.  No explanation either.  

Anyway, that is WHY I must have a kitchen.  I cook a lot when I'm staying in that house.  If you are in the neighborhood, PLEASE come visit me!

Better get busy doing something.  I see a little sunshine outside.  Sunshine totally motivates me!  Cloudy skies make me blue.  I am truly grateful for the rain, however!

Hugs, Joy



  1. Hi Joy, Love your blog and the daily news of all the events and sewing projects. I have learned alot from your videos and now my sewing room is organized and ready to use. I live in Maine but lived my teen years in Ponca City and Arkansas City, Ks so I really am fond of your area. Keep up the great posting, Love the news, Vicky

  2. Thank you, Vicky. I love it if I can help someone. I'm getting ready to set up a sewing room of sorts in a vacant house.
    I'll post a pic when I get it done. I think I could set one up in a tent if I had electricity, lol.
    Hugs, Joy


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