Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Stuff and Wadder Woes

The weekend is upon us again already!

Juan -- the lawn guy -- showed up this morning with the rest of our new grass.  Bootsy thought it was WONDERFUL and layed in it all morning until I turned the sprinklers on.
You can see our "yard" there in front of the new grass.  NO WONDER Bootsy likes it better!  The other cat, Barney  -- named after Barney Fife because he was neutered as a newborn kitten and that makes a cat scrawny -- decided he was suddenly in love with my leg which was covered in black knit pants.  I came in the house and looked like I was turning into a Werewolf!  I had hair on my face, my hands, my pant legs and in between.  Good grief!  When will they quit shedding?!

I better get busy doing something.  Not sure what yet.  It is Saturday.  Seems like I should go to Hancock Fabrics for some reason.  If I buy any more fabric, I'll have to rent a storage building.  Maybe I'll go get some buttons for my new red blouse.  Here is a pic again in case you have forgotten.  The part in the pic is what is in the trash now.  The sleeves are still good, and I will save them for the remake.

I was able to find MORE of the pretty fabric that I tossed in the trash yesterday.  Jerry was very upset when he heard I had messed up that blouse, so I searched and searched for some more fabric.  I did NOT get it from as I thought.  It came from Helen Enox Fabrics right here in Oklahoma City.  They were so nice to find it for me from a picture and mail it to me.  Fortunately, they still had some!

Do you see that part hanging out under the armhole over there on the right side of the picture.  I decided that needed to be taken in and serged off.  Well, guess what?  I need it back!  Too bad.  It wasn't like that just on Lucy -- it was like that on me too.  I guess the sleeve would have sucked it all in.

Okay.  I'm outta here. 

Hugs, Joy



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