Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Sermon and The Rabbit Lady

We were so excited that Rev. John Hagee was back today.  We watched him on Jerry's monitor.  He had been in Israel the last two weeks.  His sermon today was awesome.  It was about "absolute truth", and the fact that there is such a thing whether you think so or not.  The world is round whether you think so or not.  You can throw a rock up in the air and it will FALL a million times, whether you think it will or not.  If you touch fire, you will be burned, whether you think so or not.  Hence, the Word of God is true whether you think so or not.  You and I are not the determining factor as to that. 

I don't know WHY people wouldn't want to know the God that created us and the whole universe.  And how can anyone look at a human being -- a newborn baby, for instance -- even a single eyeball -- and think that it just came to be from some slime that came out of the ocean.  I don't have that much faith, but a lot of people do.  They will put their faith in the lie that they came from an Ape rather than in the inerrant Word of God.  I just don't get it.

So that's it for Hagee's sermon and mine today.  After church, I decided to take a shower in a DIFFERENT shower than I took one in yesterday.  If you read yesterday's post, you know that I found a crack in the floor of our shower.  Jerry decided to haul a bunch of tools in there this morning and attempt to fix it himself.  You can see in the picture -- inside the green box -- the crack that I discovered yesterday while showering with my new contact lenses in.  Guess what Jerry found after scratching around inside there for about 30 minutes????  He found TWO MORE cracks.  He decided we WILL be calling someone to come in and replace the floor. 

So anyway, I went into a different shower.  I turned on the water and let it run until it was hot.  Then I pulled the little plunger thing so the water would spray out of the shower.  I heard the funniest noise, and the spray just didn't look right.  THANK GOD, I didn't get in it!  I decided to turn the water off and then back on again -- I have no idea why, but it seemed logical at the time.  The second time the water came on, the entire shower head flew apart and shot across the shower like a rocket!!!  If I had been in the shower, I would be dead now!!!

Here's the shower head on the floor of the tub and what was left on the wall with water shooting out of it!

Are you believing this!?  So I wrapped a towel around myself and went down the hall to our third shower.  Jerry had just gotten out of it, and I could see that he was still alive, so I stepped into it.  Finally, a shower that worked properly!  I sure am glad Jerry is here right now.

So after that we decided we would go buy a new shower head.  I wanted to go to Penney's to see if my jeans had ever come in that I ordered from the catalog EIGHT days ago.  I also decided to return some of the jewelry I bought since I spent so much on contact lenses and glasses this past week.  What a FIASCO that was!  I walked up to the catalog desk where only one employee was waiting on a man.  That took about 15 minutes.  I thought she would NEVER quit helping him.  I kid you not -- she was reading the receipt and the return slip to him line by line.  Then she went to look up a phone number for him so she could write it down for him.  Then she gave him some long explanation about something "she could or could not do" -- "she" being his wife, I guess, who wasn't there.  I thought she would give me good service too, so I just stood there.  I'm NOT good at waiting unless it is for a really good reason.  During this time, a couple walked up behind me.  The employee behind the desk started talking to the couple asking them what they needed and how she could help them.  I wanted to get a mirror out of my purse to look in it and see if I was INVISIBLE!  The man customer was still there, and she is helping the people BEHIND me.  She tells them to go somewhere else, so they leave.

Finally, it is my turn.  I hand her the earrings which are in the original box and inside the JCP bag and the receipt is with it.  She says, "Is THIS jewelry?"  I say, "Yes."  She tells me I'll have to go to the Jewelry Department.  I tell her I ordered the matching necklace from the catalog, and I knew it was in the Jewelry Department, so that was fine.  I went downstairs to the jewelry counter.  One young man was there.  I told him who I was and that I was there to RETURN the earrings, PICK UP the necklace and then return it too.  The young man was very bewildered.  He wandered to and fro -- in a door and back out the door -- over to me and back to the register.  He tried to do something with the register, but looked confused. 

After awhile, he came over to me and made this shocking announcement, "I don't know what I'm doing!" 
Big surprise there!

He told me he was sorry, but he was going to have to find a Manager.  Okay, fine.  In a few minutes, a lady who had her face made up like a bunny rabbit -- 3 long black whiskers on each side of her face -- large white circles around her eyes -- a painted on black bunny nose -- bunny rabbit ears on her head -- arrived to rescue the young man.  Great!, I thought to myself.  First I get the new guy that doesn't know what he is doing, and now, I have a rabbit!  So the rabbit lady asked the guy a bunch of questions -- then she came over and asked me a bunch of quetions.  Then she came to the most amazing conclusion.  Can you guess what it was???????????????

She said, "You have to go back up to the Catalog Department!"

By this time, I am NOT a happy camper.  Jerry has arrived by my side after searching for Levi 501's that they did not have any of, and he says, "Joy, try to be patient!"  That is like telling a firecracker not to explode AFTER you have lit the fuse!  So Jerry -- the ever-patient, long-suffering type -- tells me he will go up to catalog with the rabbit lady while I stay with the young guy who is still trying to figure out how to do the non-catalog return of the earrings.  Jerry takes the necklace.  The young guy is at the cash register pushing buttons and trying to do the return for the earrings.  He looks at me and says, "This cash register isn't working right.  Can you follow me to a different one?"  So, I do. 

Finally, he gets my return done and gives me my receipts.  I hurry up the escalator to find Jerry at the Catalog counter.  The rabbit lady and the original sales lady from catalog are BOTH working on my return for the necklace.  This whole event must have taken 45 minutes.  And this is the new-and-improved JC Penney's?

Oh, my heavens!!!  It is nearly 8 PM, and I have not fed my husband any supper.  This is the weirdest day.  I have not been hungry all day long.  The only thing I have done different is to take a Drixoral D to see if it would stop my allergies.  Yep, those allergies the caffeine-free diet is suppose to stop.  That has helped me sleep much, much better, but my nose knows it is Spring outside.  I may start taking Drixoral D for a diet pill!  It has been in my cabinet for at least five years, so it is a wonder it is working at all.

Gotta go.  Hope your Sunday was wonderful!  Next Sunday is Resurrection Day!  Maybe I'll make a new outfit.  I doubt it though since this is drill-baby-drill week at my Mother-in-Law's house.  I'll keep you posted on that adventure.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hee! Hee! Hee! They had you hopping!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. OMG! I .. am .. laughing .. so .. hard .. I'm .. crying!! I had to stop reading and watch TV for 5 mins. to control the hysteria .. ROFL!



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