Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Was I Thinking!?

I have an almost finished new blouse, but I don't know if I will ever wear it outside my closet.  I thought this was pretty fabric when I bought it, but made up into a blouse, it gets deformed.  The sleeves are not in yet, and it isn't hemmed, and it may just stay that way on its way to File 13.

Check out these pictures:

Good heavens!!!  It looks like I had a blouse with pink flower clusters on it and somehow, giant black amoebas from outer space flew in the window when I wasn't looking and ATTACKED my blouse!

The bottom of the back yoke looks like two of the amoebas with flowers for eyeballs parked there to stare at people while I am walking.

Phylly was a whole lot smarter.  She is making her version out of a pretty solid purple linen-like fabric we found in my stash.  Hers will be much prettier.  Therefore, I think I will start over.

Yes, Phylly was here all day today.  It took her quite awhile to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) on her pattern front.  I didn't have to adjust the front at all because this pattern has a D cup in it.  Yeah!  That FBA is such a pain.

Here is Phylly showing you Silhouettes #575 by Peggy Sagers that we are both making right now.  Hers will be light purple and mine will be SOMETHING ELSE that doesn't look like it was caught in the lawnmower.  Somebody said that if you use a large print, and you cut it up, it looks real good.


Maybe they meant you should cut it up with a shredder first.

Notice the blouse in the pattern has a collar.  I didn't put it on my blouse, because I don't like collars up in my hair. 
And here is Phylly starting her FBA.  It took hours for her to do it.  THEN she sewed one side on upside down.  THEN she fried the front with the iron like I did the other day.  All-in-all, a real fun day!  We don't care what we do as long as we are together.  We always say, "Well, that was a good lesson we learned today!"

Due to those slight setbacks, Phylly didn't get her blouse done.  We will wait for pics from her house.

I see I managed to get a picture of my toilet in the above picture!

I better go.  It is 7 PM, and I haven't fixed dinner for Bernsides yet.  (My nickname for Jerry.)   I'm not really hungry since we stopped to have a snack of crackers and cheese at 4:00 today.  

Tomorrow is Easter!  God bless all my readers, and I pray you have a blessed and wonderful day!

Hugs, Joy 


  1. I like the fabric and those are very "in" colors this Spring. You should finish the blouse.

  2. Fun sewing with a buddy :)
    The colours in your blouse fabric suit you which is what might have attracted you to it. My DH calls my wadders my charity sewing because I generally finish them and dontae them.


  3. I like your pink flower clusters with black amoebas. Some fabrics are just like that. They have a mind of their own.

    Hey, at least I put the toilet lid down!

    I'm ready to put the sleeves in my blouse. I really like this pattern. I may have to try some more of her patterns.
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Phylly


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