Thursday, April 26, 2012

WHERE is FedEx???

I am still finishing up my Fabulous Fit transactions.  They finally decided to try to shut up my griping by sending me another pole and base.  The pole was supposed to allow me to tilt the dress form forward, but it doesn't.  It is just like the other pole insofar as that.  The new pole had one big advantage, however, and that was a much, much nicer base that you stick the pole into.  I don't understand why they didn't send that one to start with.  I had to return the original pole and base so I got it all packed up with Jerry's help before he left town.  Two big boxes have been sitting in my entryway now for 3 days.  Fabulous Fit was to send FedEx TODAY to pick up these boxes.

I wanted to go get a pedicure -- couldn't do that. 

And exactly WHERE do you go for a pedicure where they serve you wine?

I needed to get a key made at Ace Hardware -- couldn't do that.

I needed to take some pretty suits I used to wear to the Goodwill -- couldn't do that.

I needed to buy a couple things at Walmart -- couldn't do that.

I have been here in the house all day long waiting for FedEx.  You KNOW as well as I do, if I had DARED to leave to do any of those things, FedEx would have pulled in here the second I drove away!  Since I had to wait, I have been working on my new red blouse all day.  I haven't been able to try it on myself though because you KNOW what would have happened the second I stripped off my clothes and put on the buttonless, sleeveless blouse.  FedEx would have shown up!

Okay, I can quit worrying about FedEx -- the guy just showed up.  I told him to be very careful because the one box was very heavy.  He picked the thing up and threw it up on his shoulder!!!  He grabbed the other package which contained the pole, and off he went.  I guess I am a SUPER weakling! 

NOW that he is gone, I'm going to go try on my new blouse.  If it doesn't look too awful -- the fit that is -- I will snap a pic.  Be back ....................  Okay, I'm back.  The blouse was VERY big for some reason.  I measured my bottom real quick to see if I had lost a few inches -- but, no -- it is still 42 inches no matter how I try to suck it up.  Maybe it is the slinky material.  I'm using SFD's blueprint, but I usually only sew with 100% cotton.  This slinky stuff grows, I think.  Maybe pics tomorrow if I decide to stay another day. 

I'm going to dinner with Margaret tonight.  I need to go home tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll make it.  Still need to run those errands.  Maybe I'll stay for one more lunch with Phylly.  We shall see.  I'll take a pic of Lucy IF I get her in the car!  That should be a hoot!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Yes, I really want to see Lucy with her feet hanging out the window. Will she be wearing boots?

    If the top is too big, I'm sure it will fit me. Hee Hee!

    Hugs, Phylly


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