Friday, August 3, 2012

Jewelry Junkyard and Roses Top

I cannot believe it is 4 PM.  I have worked over SIX HOURS on my jewelry lesson for today.  I did an okay job, I guess, but the earrings are not at all my style.  At least, I completed my homework.

Over there on the far right is what they were supposed to look like.  They are silver, but one pic makes them look gold.

On the left is what they looked like after I decided I didn't care to look like a chandelier.

This is NOT EASY!!!  My work area started out so neat and tidy with everything in order.  By the time I got through remaking these earrings three times, my desk was a MESS!  It looks like I performed plier surgery on something!

After I removed the two outside bead strings, I decided to add some short bead strings to the top of the earring.  I may cut them off though.  I thought it would make the earring look less formal, but maybe it just looks more cluttered.

It took me over an hour to add those little beads at the top!  I'll get the hang of it soon, and then I can do my own thing.

It is nearly impossible to photograph the crazy things because they won't stay still!  I got better pictures of the hair on my face than the earrings. 

When I went to remove the earrings and put them away, I noticed my new blouse hanging on the door.  I decided to try it on and take some pics.

This blouse is Simplicity 4176.  I have made it several times before, but for some reason, the BEFORE blouses fit me better.  I can hear Glenda saying, "Why didn't you just use your Sure-fit Designs and style it?" 

The answer to that is because it was already cut out, and I thought I could just add a little more room to it, and it would fit.  It certainly has enough room in it, and if Jerry and I ever decide to have children, I'll be all set!!!

Here is the front of it:

And here is the back of it:
Can you tell in my pictures that I am actually carrying on a conversation with the camera?  I talk to it like it was a person standing there looking at me.  It is the only way I can make myself smile.

Tomorrow is my 62nd birthday.  My Mom might call me tomorrow.  I received a nice card from my sister in Tulsa yesterday.  Tomorrow morning, I am meeting several of my female employees for brunch at Cracker Barrel.  I am looking forward to that.  And tomorrow afternoon, my husband and two cats are supposed to show up.  Tomorrow night I hope to meet our friends Robert and Deanna at Longhorn Steakhouse.  What was the name of that really nice waiter there??????????????  Goodness, I think I forgot it.  I better go back and find that post.

Found the post:  His name is Jerrod.  Sure hope he is still there.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Chandlier earrings are a bit much for me,too. I like the ones she makes in the next lesson better.nnthey are round with beads at the bottom.

    See you in the morning!

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Okay, my iPad seems to have it's own mind when it comes to spelling. I swear I did not type those mistakes.
    Hugs, Phylly

  3. Happy birthday, Joy!

    I love the rose print fabric. You seem to find so many beautiful floral fabrics. Do you have a favorite online source, or do you buy them locally?

    Have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends, and again, Happy Birthday, Joy.

    Donna Faber

  4. Dear Joy,
    Have a very wonderful birthday tomorrow!

    Your blogs are always so entertaining. I definitely like the single drop better...but then I don't wear earrings at all.

    Many happy returns of your day!
    Kindly, Glenda

    1. Happy Birthday, Joy

      Have a wonderful day!

      Enjoy your blogs, always a lot of humor to get my day started.
      Joan Schofield

  5. OMG - we have the same birthday! Happy Belated Birthday! You are a treasure.


    1. Oops - read the date of a post - not the date of the blog. We are kissing birthday friends - you are the 4th, I am the 5th.


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