Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mom's 92nd Birthday and New Laptop

This has been a really nice day and I had a very nice lunch with an old-fashioned waitress who had an actual combed hairdo -- no strange facial piercings -- and no visible tattoos.  She was friendly and knew what she was doing.  Loved it!  Phylly was with me because we may not get to see each other for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! 

I am going back to my Mother-in-Law's (Mom) tomorrow to finish moving her out of her former room and to begin preparing for her 92nd birthday on Saturday. 

I want to get some birthday balloons and a cake.  She knows it is her birthday, and she gets real excited when people visit her.  Countrywood doesn't celebrate birthdays because they have too many residents.

I received a call last night from Jerry's Aunt Betty Jane -- Mom's sister-in-law -- informing me that the help in the Memory Unit was complaining that Mom's 1000 pair of Size 10 pants no longer buttoned at her waist.  They requested pull up slacks with elastic waistbands.  I went to Penney's today and bought her five pair of Alfred Dunner elastic waist slacks in different colors.  Sure hope they fit.  I bought Size 12.  Would LOVE to measure her and make her a bunch with my SFD Pant Kit, but I don't think I could get Mom to let me measure her.  She would say she didn't need any more pants, and she wouldn't want me to go to any bother for her.

I called Paul this morning.  Remember Paul at Accent Marble in Sherman, TX -- the company that is bulding the countertops for my kitchen in Kingston?  They have been working on them for several months already, and it appears it will be two or more weeks from now.  UNbelievable!!!  Since they made the mistakes that screwed up the FIRST set of countertops, and what they are doing now is a make-it-over, and they have already been paid, they are not in any rush.  Nothing we can do about it but wait.  Thank goodness, I have another home.  My kitchen there has no plumbing, no sink and no countertops.

Jerry said I could go pick out my new laptop computer all by myself today (remember mine got stolen out of his truck Monday night).  That is a FIRST, I assure you!  I guess he knew he could always take it back if I screwed up the task too much.  My brother, a computer tech, texted me a short note to get a Lenovo which I had never heard of.  Evidently, they were formerly IBM.  It has Windows 7 on it, but you can use it with XP also.  Jerry was excited about that.  Here's a picture I found on the internet.  I would have preferred BRIGHT RED, but it only came in black.

I was playing with it awhile ago and discovered that it has a BUILT IN video camera in it!  I was filming myself squealing with delight, and I didn't even know it.  New things are so cool.  My Ipad may be taking a back seat to my new laptop.  And this was CHEAPER than the Ipad.  Go figure!

Let me say that it took me a total of THIRTY SECONDS to pick this computer out.  If Jerry had come with me, we would be out until every store that sells computers is closed tonight!  Of course, my brother said to get "Lenovo", and Best Buy had only this one to pick from.  Kind of narrowed things waaaaaaaay down for me.

Gotta go.  Jerry has taken over the new computer, and I need to fix him some supper.  All is good in my world today!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Enjoy your new computer :)


  2. You kept it! Yeah! I figured you would take it back. I'm glad Jerry liked it. Roger was grousing about his phone again last night. I just told him he chose it and it fit his parameters. Poor man. I'm just not giving him any sympathy.

    There was something I was going to take a quick look at this morning, but now I can't remember what it was. It will come to me later and I'll just grab my new phone and look it up.

    You realize this is your morning email.

    I won't have any fun this weekend since you are gone. I guess I should just clean house since it needs it so badly. However, I really need to get this red dress finished and I need to finish Keira's top.

    Be careful.

    Hugs, Phylly

  3. I should add that Roger really does like his new phone. I told him he could take it back for 30 days and I got a look that said I was not getting it out of his hot little hand. ;=)
    Hugs, Phylly

  4. My boss has one like that, and it seems like a cool laptop; it’s a black one and little wider. I’ve been considering buying one, but I have to wait until the next pay check. I heard it’s cheaper too! :-) I hope my next salary is enough to cover. >.<
    Darryl Housand


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