Monday, August 13, 2012

Can't Play "Parking Lot" and Mom Update

This was a pretty nice day except for having to make calls about Mom (my MIL) regarding where we will take her next.  She is still at Generations, but will be able to leave any day.  I call every morning to check on her.  Bonnie, the nurse, told me this morning that Mom had moved everything out of her room and into the hall -- except for the bed -- because of the "construction going on".  She looked around the ward and said, "This place is a MESS with all this construction!" 

Of course, there ISN'T any construction going on except in Mom's mind.  She has stopped getting violent due to whatever drug they have put her on, so that is good news.  Bonnie said they can treat the violence, but they can't treat the confusion.

This week is Lu's birthday.  Lu is the Manager of our Oklahoma City store.  She will be 48 this Friday.  Since Jerry and I may have to go get his Mom Thursday or Friday, I decided to celebrate Lu's birthday today.  Lu, Phylly and Carol all came from the store and met me at The Olive Garden.  I wanted Heath to wait on us, but this was his day off.  I gave Lu the very FIRST necklace I made with my newly learned beginner skills at jewelry making.  She acted like she really loved it, but you never know for sure about that.
I wish I had taken her picture.  She is tall, pretty and has thick, red hair nearly to her waist.  She has broad shoulders too, so she can wear the pretty large, chunky jewelry that I cannot wear.  I think I took a picture of the necklace and matching earrings.  Hold on ...........................

Maybe I showed this pic before.  If so, just ignore the repeat. 

We had a great lunch where I blabbered on and on about all my new gun knowledge.  I'm sure Lu and Carol would not have appreciated me talking to Phylly the whole time about sewing.  Why don't more people sew?  It is such a wonderful skill, I think.

Jerry and I had agreed to go tonight to the gun shooting place we discovered right here in Edmond.  It is called Heartland Outdoors -- or something like that.  I decided I shouldn't have to cook if I was going to go shoot.  I can't remember my reasoning for that, but Jerry bought it.  We went to eat and then headed over to the gun shooting place.  Guess what?  The gun shooting place is CLOSED on Monday.  So much for that adventure.  I have really been practicing yelling, "STOP, or I'll shoot!" and my quick draw from my jeans pocket.  Actually, my jeans nearly fall off with the gun in my pocket, so that may not work out real well for me.
When we got back home, I got my gun out of the box, and I told Jerry I wanted to play.  I told him to play like he was a bad guy trying to get me in a parking lot, and I would play like I was shooting him.  He would NOT play.  He said I can't ever point the gun at any people.  There wasn't a bullet anywhere near the gun, but I suppose you have to use a rubber gun or something for that game.  Darn! 

I am almost done sewing together my next blouse.  The color is WONDERFUL!  I am going to have to buy a bunch of material in this color.  It is royal blue.  I, of course, ordered some beads which APPEAR to be that color from Fire Mountain awhile ago.  I'll show you a pic when I get the blouse done.

Hugs, Joy

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