Monday, August 27, 2012

Moving Done and Hillbillies

I am back at House #2 in Edmond after finishing the relocation of my MIL.  Moving is never fun, but it went pretty well.

I had a very large collection of things to go to The Upper Room (like Salvation Army) this morning, and Aunt Betty Jane was so pleased.  She insisted I stay and go to lunch with her and her daughter and her daughter's husband.  I'm so glad I did.  Tom is a doctor and Mary Ann is a quilter, so we had a lot to talk about.  Betty Jane, like my MIL, always wants to pay for everyone's lunch.  I knew that, so I immediately grabbed Teresa -- my favorite waitress -- and told her to NOT let anyone have my check but me.  I guess Betty Jane got to her after I did though, and the bill went to her.  I complained and tried to pay for mine.  Betty Jane said, "But you have given so much to The Upper Room".  I told her I hadn't given them anything -- Leanida (my MIL) had given it all to them.  She didn't care.  She is such a sweetheart. 

If it ever becomes necessary, I will be more than happy to help in any way I can with her aging issues. I really enjoy these ladies.  They grew up back in the olden days just a little before I did, and they have such high standards and excellent characters.

The most recent account I have of when my home in Kingston will again have plumbing, counters and a sink is two more weeks.  Unbelievable!!!  Imagine if I had to live there all this time with no kitchen.  The insurance agent said they would rent a house for me.  I'd sure like to know where they would find a half-way decent house down there in the sticks where we live.  People actually LIVE in the nice houses.  It's the beat-up old trailers or mobile homes that people trash and then just leave.  That is one bad thing about living at the lake.  At a 4-way stop, you can have a mansion on one corner -- a gas station next to a quanset hut store on one corner -- a giant garbage collection of huge rocks and old machines on one corner -- and a trailer on the other.  Really!  I should take a picture for you next time I'm down there.  That is the NICE part of town!

I am SO not kidding!

There is a huge clan called The Cobbs that lives in a little "town" called Woodville.  You drive through Woodville to get to our house.  We were told when we first moved there to NEVER go down the side roads in Woodville because the people were all crazy. 

It seems that a brother and sister married each other and then had children, and they had children, and all of them are VERY strange.  One guy told us he drove down one of the roads one time, and a bunch of the people came out and surrounded his car and stared in the window at him!

When you drive by their "houses" --  a nice way of saying "shacks" -- you can see the people passed out up against some beat up old truck or sitting in a broken chair or straddled over some old appliance. 

The yards are FULL of every kind of furniture and appliance you can imagine.  I've seen little children -- barefoot and in nothing but diapers -- playing in the dangerous, trash-infested front yards.  For some reason, they love to collect old beat up cars and trucks that don't even run.  Places to sleep, I suppose.

One place has a huge banner painted on the side of the fence giving you a phone number to call to hire their band! 

The men of the clan seem to either chop up a whole lot of wood and stack it in their front yards OR they drive around with watermelons in the back of a beat-up old truck and park wherever the truck breaks down to sell them.

I have seen one real old man that sells watermelons asleep at the wheel many times.  They say he is "Old Man Cobb".  If you wake him up, he will sell you a watermelon.

As you drive through Woodville, you have to be careful not to run over chickens or dogs or cats just wandering in the street. 

I WILL take a picture next time I am home!  That is IF I can stop long enough to take one.  

If you ever come to visit me, you will have to pass all of that to get to my house way back in the woods where none of those people live.  You probably could get a very strange description of us as well from the right people. 

Gotta go.  I'm sure you just CAN'T WAIT to come visit me now!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Is Woodsville where "The Tree" is? It cracks me up when I pass that sign on "the tree".

    I'm feeling better.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Oh, yeah, I can hardly wait to visit, lol. Perhaps some other time...


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