Monday, August 20, 2012

Pattern Trashed and Jerry's Van Broken Into

This day sure hasn't gone well.  Still, it is the day the Lord has made, and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!  Things could be way worse, and are for so many people.

Jerry went out to his little van this morning about 10:00 to get his shoes, and found the side window smashed and broken out.  It was a dark shaded window, so the thousands of bits of glass inside and outside the van were almost black as he swept the dustpan full of them over and over and over again.

I am ALWAYS nagging Jerry about locking his truck because it is usually parked outside.  I've explained a million times that if they can open his truck, they can get the garage door opener, and then they have access to our entire home.  Since we took that gun class though, Jerry has been locking everything.  The truck WAS locked.  Fortunately, the garage door opener was not in the truck because we play musical cars here all the time, and we had taken it out and put it in another car to go out to lunch yesterday.

The Lady-In-The-Box (I never can remember the right name for that thing) was still in the glove box and everything looked the same AT FIRST.  Jerry called to see if the glass place could fix his van today, and they could, so he left about noon.  As soon as he arrived at the glass place, it dawned on him that my computer had been in the van.  Remember MY laptop that never has worked right, and he spent most of the weekend working on?  That computer.  It was in a real nice computer bag with all of the necessary cords and accessories.  He called me here at the house and asked me to be sure it wasn't here.  It isn't. 

I squealed with delight thinking I was FINALLY free of that computer, and I could get a new one now.  But then Jerry informed me that since he had been working on it at his Mom's house, he had copied the page he keeps on all of his computers of all his passwords to that desktop.  Yep!  I've nagged about that one too.

You can just click on the icon, and there are two pages long of passwords to everything we have in the world --  bank accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, store software.  

Suddenly, instead of being delighted, I was terrified!  "I told you so" didn't seem to really matter at all.  Also on that computer is Team Viewer which gives us access to every computer at both of our stores -- at least 25 of them.  I feel sorry for Jerry, but what a way to learn a lesson!!!

Our hope is that the computer will blue screen every time the thief tries to boot it.  That is what it was doing to us.  If it does that, the thief will never see the desk top.

With my stomach knotted up over all of that, I attempted to redo the pattern I was working on yesterday.  I decided it looked funny, so I cut it all apart and put it back together in its original shape.  Then, I started over with a lower dart position on the side seam.  When I got all done, it looked freakier than it did yesterday, so I wadded the whole thing up and threw it away. 

Glenda is right.  Just put the style features onto the SFD blueprint, and make it.  Then you don't have to worry about that dang bust dart alteration!

I've decided that maybe I can go to Walmart and buy groceries and not screw that up too bad. 

WHEN does life start getting easier???

I need to call Countrywood and check on Mom, but I am AFRAID to.  I figure if they aren't calling me, then everything is just perfect, and I need not worry.  Maybe I could ACCIDENTALLY leave my cell phone here at home while I go shopping, just in case.

Just kidding!

Jerry just called and told me he called all of our accounts and verified that nobody has tried to empty them since last night, and he has changed ALL of our passwords, and he will NEVER leave them on the computer again.  YEAH!!! 

Someone stealing the computer was a good thing -- right?

Hugs, Joy 

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