Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday, FBA on Dolman Sleeve Style and Mom

What a pleasant Sunday this was.  First we listened to Rev. Hagee talk about Matthew 18:19 -- where any two agree -- which is a scripture Jerry and I have stood on for 30 years.  I am going to listen to the sermon again because it was really good and my mind was half way on something else because Phylly was coming over today.  It was basically about the New Testament POWER that Christians SHOULD have in their lives, but don't.  So many factors interfere with our ability to live the way God intended for us to.  Television is one of the main ones, of course.  If it wasn't for Jerry, I probably wouldn't even have one.  I seldom turn it on when I am alone.  So many channels, but so little programming of any value.  We watch Fox News and The History Channel.  I think the alligator people and the mountain people are over with now, so we don't even watch those channels.  I got tired of the Pawn Shop show too.

Phylly got here at 10:00.  Jerry entertained her with a sermon on healing while I was in the shower.  Then Phylly and I sat in our chairs across from each other at the cutting table and worked on separate projects.  She is still working on her red couture dress.  She spent the whole 5+ hours hand stitching the entire length -- both sides -- of all the seamlines.  Being a princess seam design, there were a LOT of them.  I don't think I am the "couture" type.  I'm not even sure I am spelling the word correctly!

I put the buttonholes and the hem in my latest creation, and then I opened up a new pattern for Phylly to help me P&P.  (Palmer/Pletsch fitting system.)  After I do that, I compare it to my Sure-fit Designs blueprint just to MAKE SURE everything looks right.

You can see that the pattern has a Dolman sleeve.  This was quite a challenge when I was applying a Full Bust Adjustment.  It also has a wide yoke.  I am not sure if my adjustment was correctly done, or not, but I will let you know when I get it made up.  Here is a picture of the front AFTER all the adjusting I did to it:

Scary looking, isn't it???  I am not at all sure this is right.  I think maybe I should have cut more of a french dart to lower the side of it.  How is the back underarm going to sew to this???   

I am making a combination of all four views.  It is going to be made out of denim and I will wear it like a jacket.

The back of the pattern isn't quite as crazy looking.  I added a slight upper round correction and a 1" sway back correction. 

I hope to get it put together tomorrow if Jerry's Mom behaves herself, and I don't have to go back to Kingfisher.  After Jerry's Mom tried to "escape" by going out the main doors, but could not remember how to open them, and then started knocking on all the other resident's doors asking for help, we received a call from Countrywood (assisted living center where she has lived for three years).  They insisted that we move her to the back of the building to the "Memory Unit".  The Memory Unit is supposedly closing in two weeks, but they MIGHT stay open longer.  Seemed like the easiest thing to do at the time, so Jerry and I moved her.

When we walked in Mom's room, she was sitting in her pink recliner.  We told her that we were going to move her to another room.  She informed us we were NOT moving her anywhere!  Some of the girls that work there invited Mom to come make a puzzle with them, so we were able to move her bed and furniture from one room to the other without her seeing us.

While we were at lunch, the girls got her back into the little kitchen in the Memory Unit to eat her lunch.  Since then, Mom has not even TRIED to leave.  She LOVES it back there.  She says she likes the quiet.  There is a very small dining room with only 3 tables.  She likes eating in there at her own table.

There is a main area that all the tenants can watch TV in, and Mom was sitting there next to the only other tenant we saw back there.  She is a very old woman, and she kept saying "Hey!", "Hey!", "Hey!" -- and she kept talking to Mom, who was sitting in the recliner next to her, in a long string of odd-sounding syllables.  Mom told her it would be okay, but she kept on talking and saying "Hey!"  Mom hollered at Jerry one time and said, "Hey, Jerry, your wife is calling you!"  She wasn't talking about me.  She meant the lady in the chair next to her.  We cracked up when we left the room.

There were three employees on duty, and Mom was loving the attention they were giving her.  We should have moved her back there months ago!  I think the much smaller living space makes her feel less confused.

I've got to sew on some buttons.  I wanted the buttons to be blue, but they are yellow.  Phylly and Jerry said the yellow ones looked best, so I will trust them.  I'll show you a picture tomorrow because my hands can't reach this keyboard all the way from the recliner I'm getting ready to go land in for the rest of the evening. 

That is AFTER I jump on the trampoline for a minute or two.

Hugs, Joy 

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  1. might of helped if the person that helped you PP the pattern had written a little darker so you could actually see where the dart needed to go. My teachers hated my writing because it was always so light they couldn't read it.
    Hugs, Phylly


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